Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring is here and I'm a nerd

So it may not feel like spring outside, but we are doing some spring things around our house.
Things like battling asthma . . . 

Bless her baby heart. She takes it well, but sometimes when she sees me getting it ready she'll say in the most pitiful voice, "Mommy, I no want to be a ninosaur!"

Spring also means I get that burst and urge to clean out and up! 

I desire a clutter free existence--the reality is that of the 6 people in our family, I am the only one who really cares if it happens or not. So once or twice a year, I shove the people pleaser in me way down and force everyone to endure the decluttering process.

One day over spring break, we did the kids' closets and drawers (once again, I know you wish you had staycationed with us). Then I made a list. The dreaded list. I wrote down every area that needed to be tackled and then set the goal to do one area a day. My reward is having a cleaning service come in to DEEP CLEAN the house.

AAAHHHH!!!!! That last sentence makes me so happy.

So. I am on my 4th of 8 days today and I want to take a moment and show off, I mean show you what I accomplished yesterday. I wish I had been in my blog mind when I started so you could have a before. But, here is the after in our kitchen. 

Ok, wait, first I need to say a few things. In our family, the kitchen is where it all happens. It's an eat-in kitchen, so we eat, do homework, hang out, cook, sign papers, get milk, make snacks, etc, etc, etc here. It's also the first room you walk into from the garage, so stuff gets dumped here. That is why it feels so miraculous to have it organized and pared down. The last thing I need for you to know is that I know I need to go grocery shopping. Old Mother Hubbard does not live here (but from the looks of all the cereal boxes, Seinfeld may).

And now, without further ado, my masterpiece . . . 

 (I love labels)

 (the junk drawer a lot less junky)

And just for kicks . . . here is the toy cabinet upstairs

(sorry for the glare)

Today's project is the laundry room . . . another "just dump it in there" place. It's been a busy day, so I am a little behind getting started, but here is the before and maybe later this week or next I will post the after.

And yes, (Josh), I realize this post solidifies my organizational nerdiness, but I don't care because I'm so happy!!


Sigh. Happy laundry room.

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  1. Looks GREAT! I love love love to organize and declutter...but like you said about your family, I am far out-numbered. The other members of my family do not seem to care one bit about it. :)