Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring is here and I'm a nerd

So it may not feel like spring outside, but we are doing some spring things around our house.
Things like battling asthma . . . 

Bless her baby heart. She takes it well, but sometimes when she sees me getting it ready she'll say in the most pitiful voice, "Mommy, I no want to be a ninosaur!"

Spring also means I get that burst and urge to clean out and up! 

I desire a clutter free existence--the reality is that of the 6 people in our family, I am the only one who really cares if it happens or not. So once or twice a year, I shove the people pleaser in me way down and force everyone to endure the decluttering process.

One day over spring break, we did the kids' closets and drawers (once again, I know you wish you had staycationed with us). Then I made a list. The dreaded list. I wrote down every area that needed to be tackled and then set the goal to do one area a day. My reward is having a cleaning service come in to DEEP CLEAN the house.

AAAHHHH!!!!! That last sentence makes me so happy.

So. I am on my 4th of 8 days today and I want to take a moment and show off, I mean show you what I accomplished yesterday. I wish I had been in my blog mind when I started so you could have a before. But, here is the after in our kitchen. 

Ok, wait, first I need to say a few things. In our family, the kitchen is where it all happens. It's an eat-in kitchen, so we eat, do homework, hang out, cook, sign papers, get milk, make snacks, etc, etc, etc here. It's also the first room you walk into from the garage, so stuff gets dumped here. That is why it feels so miraculous to have it organized and pared down. The last thing I need for you to know is that I know I need to go grocery shopping. Old Mother Hubbard does not live here (but from the looks of all the cereal boxes, Seinfeld may).

And now, without further ado, my masterpiece . . . 

 (I love labels)

 (the junk drawer a lot less junky)

And just for kicks . . . here is the toy cabinet upstairs

(sorry for the glare)

Today's project is the laundry room . . . another "just dump it in there" place. It's been a busy day, so I am a little behind getting started, but here is the before and maybe later this week or next I will post the after.

And yes, (Josh), I realize this post solidifies my organizational nerdiness, but I don't care because I'm so happy!!


Sigh. Happy laundry room.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Expanding my blogging

I love writing! I love this blog and I relish any opportunity to write. Earlier this year in my Bible study, we were talking about one aspect of wisdom is using the gifts God has given you. That same week, Stacy Spangler (someone I love and admire) called and asked me if I would consider blogging for her and Kidz RAP on a regular basis. It seemed too much of a God thing to be offered a chance to use this passion for such a great cause and so I gladly agreed to do it.

Kidz RAP is a great organization that makes it easy (well, easier) to serve our community WITH our kids. It's a great way to give them a bigger picture of our city and our world than just the little bubble it can be easy to keep them in.

Funny confession, I have had a sick kid at EVERY Kidz RAP event that has occurred since I joined the blog team, but Caroline has participated and loved it!

Today, on the Kidz RAP blog, Stacy is introducing our blog team . . . check it out and check out the organization--it is taking off and making a difference not just in Little Rock . . . this week Houston held its first Kidz RAP event!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snapshots of our date

Friday night, Tru was having a rough time--it's hard not being the birthday kid, it's hard being one of four kids, and he is sensitive, so it seems harder for him. He and I decided to go on a date Sunday afternoon to rejuvenate him and give him a little special, alone time.

Sunday afternoon came and he asked where we were going. When I told him we were going to Orange Leaf to build our own yogurt, he said, "ORANGE LEAF?! What kind of date is that? A date is Chucky Cheese or somewhere like that!"

We went to Orange Leaf anyway and I am pretty sure he had a good time . . . take a look and see if you agree

Monday, March 28, 2011


I have a very vivid memory of a day over 8 years ago. I was driving down Markham, passing the old Leawood entrance when Mandy answered the phone. "It's not good," she said as I was waiting to turn left onto Mississippi, "No one should hear the things they are telling us about our child." And I don't remember a whole lot more details until the part where I pulled into the Bethany parking lot and started crying as I repeated it all to my mom.

Over the next several months, doctors upon doctors delivered the worst possible news to their family. One day she'll wake up and not be able to stand up and it will go fairly fast from there. There's a chance she won't live to be 5, but there is no way she will live to be 10.

And through our tears, all of us who love this sweet family begged for God to change the diagnosis and change the direction the doctor's were giving for this baby girl's life.

This weekend, that sweet girl turned 10. She had her party at the studio where she takes dance and is on a competitive dance team that took 1st at a recent competition.

Now I don't want to imply that life has been easy for her. She had years of daily therapy. Her muscles don't always agree with her, but she is determined. And every time a new doctor looks at her file and her diagnosis, they can't believe that it belongs to the most spirited girl you've ever met sitting in front of them.

She's practically one of my own and it's been quite a journey and privilige to witness a miracle performed in front of us. I've gone from trying to figure out how I would explain to my little girl why her best friend went to be with Jesus so soon to begging them to go to sleep before 2 am and asking if they can take a 5 minute break from dancing.

HAPPY 1Oth BIRTHDAY, Maggie Moo!! What a miracle you are! So grateful to God that I have gotten to experience your life and love you and your family!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet Caroline

9 years ago today my identity changed. I never imagined how quickly something so tiny would make such a huge impression . . . how in literally seconds, my heart swelled with love until it almost burst.

I love to tell Caroline that even if we had 100 kids (and oh my we will NOT), she is the one who made me a mommy. And now here we are, 9 years later, and I am struggling to believe that this sweet little smiley baby is growing up right in front of me

A little bigger, but still just as sweet and smiley

Dear Jenny Caroline, Care -Bear, Princess Mother, Sissy . . .

Sweet, sweet girl. You capture hearts in a moment. You definitely had your daddy's and mine with in seconds of being born. (Well, truthfully, were hooked as soon as we found out about you!) And as soon as your Nana and Papa and Mimi and Grandpa and Granny held you in the hospital, they were snookered too!

You are the most sensitive girl I know. You pick up on emotions and feelings that others are having and you respond to them. In the nursery, you always went over to the kids that were crying and tried to help them feel better. I love that you are a loyal daughter, sister, and friend. I know that other people's feelings are well cared for by you and that you are a trustworthy companion.

You are also so responsible. Sometimes I forget how old you really are and when you act your age,  I am not sure what to do. You can have conversations with adults and be trusted to do things around the house that are beyond your years. I will never forget how well you took care of me (and everything else) when I had the flu!!

And, Caroline, YOU ARE FUN! You have a great laugh and a quick sense of humor. You make things more fun than they already are with your enthusiasm. Even when you are sick, I am amazed by how much you smile and look for things to enjoy. That positive spirit and attitude will take you far!

Most of all, I love your heart. You have a heart that is inhabited by Jesus and He shines through you! I am excited to see you reading your Bible and memorizing verses. Your daddy and I are looking forward to seeing you baptized and watching you grow in your relationship with the Lord. We are so thankful to Him for giving you to us! What a privilege it is to be Jenny Caroline Bass's parents.

We love you, sweet girl! We are proud to be your Mommy and Daddy! HAPPY, HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thyroid on the brain

Well, I apologize. Josh says I was out of line to even REFER to girly things, so I will never mention them again. Period.

Hee hee.

Anyway. I am feeling a bit sluggish today. The kind of sluggish where you wonder if you should drive because at any moment your eyes might win and close. At first, I chalked it up to our rip roarin spring break, but then I remembered we haven't done anything tiring. But as I fought to stay awake playing Bo in Mario Kart, I realized I recognized this kind of tired and tried to remember the last time I took my thyroid medicine. And I can't.

When my thyroid gets low, there are 4 main indicators for me . . . 1) I get a little pooch in my belly (I will not comment on whether or not this is the case), 2) I am cold no matter what the weather (I drove to Sonic today with my heater on and my seat heated and noticed the temperature outside read 73), 3) I am extremely tired. Like CANNOT keep my eyes open tired (hence my fear to drive and the reason it took me 3 days to watch a movie that was 108 minutes long), and 4) I get really, really forgetful (and then forget that I haven't taken my meds and then get more forgetful and can't remember to take them or refill them and well, you get the picture). I have switched purses a lot lately, and apparently, my cytomel hasn't always made the jump.

Now some of you are going to wonder (and even a few ask) why I don't get a pill box so I can be reminded and see each day if I have taken my thyroid medicine or not. And to that I would say, "Because I am 34, not 74."

Logically, your next suggestion would be to put them somewhere that is more permanent instead of my purse. And I have reasons. Good ones. Like, because when I do remember to take them (and I prefer to take them midday because it works best for me if I do), my purse is almost always with me. And I don't leave things out because Thing 1 and Thing 2 are clever. Bo opened my medication one day and took 17 before I could get to him. (I take 4 a day and weigh considerably more than him and when I accidently took 5 one day I was very jittery.)

Yes. We panicked and called poison control. Where I had to spell the medication. And then tell them what kind of drug it was. At which point they told me that they had never heard of it before, nor was it in any of their systems. Thank you poison control. So we called my endocrinologist and told him what happened and he said it would take more than that to really hurt him, but that he would get really, really hyper and then crash. I think his exact words were, "Probably run in circles and then fall down." And sure enough, the child ran from one side of our bed to the other and talked really, really fast for several hours before taking a VERY GOOD nap!

So that option is out and putting them up high is out because Bo likes to push chairs and ottomans and stools over so he can reach what he is after, no matter how high it is.  And then things like this happen:

That is navy blue fingernail polish that was up REALLY high that is on Sascha's face. It was all over his legs, but he was very proud to have painted it on her face. I was 8 feet away with the door opened when it happened. The quiet tipped me off.

So I guess Bo is the main reason we have to hide the drugs. We don't want him getting addicted to synthetic T3. And maybe I should be irritated with him, but it's hard because look how stinkin' cute he is!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keeping it too real?

Just thought you might appreciate that I almost blogged about some girly things (not shopping or shoe related if you get my drift) and then it occurred to me that it might be tmi.

Of course if Josh is my only male reader then he already knows anyway but no need to make him uncomfortable twice.

So . . . never doubt how real I am willing to be, sometimes I am just being polite.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Staycation Twenty Eleven

It's spring break around here and we have plans to get crazy! We are cleaning out drawers and closets. We plan to get donuts at least two mornings this week. Jump Zone is on tap for Wednesday and on Friday we will be celebrating Caroline's 9th birthday.

I know. I know. Those of you who are skiing or beaching this week are thinking, "WHAT THE HECK?! Why did I go away when Rachel could have planned a wonderful spring break for us?!"

Well. Now you know. And there's always next year or summer vacation.

Seriously, though, today my mom and aunt and I went to Mineral Springs, Arkansas and closed on the sale of Granny's house. Then we walked through it one more time. It was weird to know that for the first time EVER, someone else owned that house. We talked about memories in the rooms and laughed and cried and eventually locked up for the last time. It's funny that in situations like your emotions can swing so quickly.

We had a few business items to take care of too. When my grandparents built that house in the 1950's, they put a deposit down to turn on the water. Last week the new owners notified the water company that they would be needing the service now. When the water lady looked up my grandparents account to turn it off, she saw the deposit and called my mom to tell her not to forget to come by and pick up the refund when we got there. Can you guess how much it was for? $10. We have gotten so many laughs from that.

At the end of all of this, no matter how sad I am that the house is gone, I can cling to the fact that the memories there are ours forever. The millions of card games and yahtzee, the loaves of cinnamon toast, the nights waiting for Santa, the hours playing office, the laughter, the stories, the love . . . all mine to keep no matter who owns the deed to 316 McClendon.  And I am so thankful for that.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh so random

I think that you can just expect random posts on Fridays. Because I am kind of done by Friday. (Truth . . . sometimes I am kind of done by Tuesday or Wednesday.) Maybe I will even officially declare Friday's posts to be Random. If I was clever I could have some catchy title for it. You will have to be happy with Random. (Unless there is better news to report or share.)

Ok. Here goes.

#1- I went out for the second day in a row to run errands with Thing 1 and Thing 2 in work out clothes and a hat . . . unshowered, unmakeuped, but I am 95% sure I brushed my teeth. And do you know the thought that went through my head? It wasn't that I should have gotten up earlier and showered. Nor did I chide myself for becoming that person. I wasn't even worried about seeing someone I know. Nope. I wished I had a spray tan because unshowered and unmakeuped looks so much better tan. Thank goodness I didn't give that up for Lent. (Mandy . . . I will call you soon!)

#2- I had to go to Sam's today to get 1 thing. Let that sit for a minute. First the irony of going to a wholesale club for ONE thing and then the inconvenience of going there for ONE thing. But it was necessary and it was the best and cheapest place to get it. We pulled into our parking place at 9:50 and waited in the car for 10 minutes so they could open. I loaded up the little people in the cart and went and joined the other non-plus members waiting to be let in. (If you are super special and pay more for your membership, you can go in and shop with the other special members from 7-10 before us non-plus members lower the class in the joint.)  ANYWAY. There is always that one person, you know. The person who thinks that the people waiting are waiting because it's fun to stand in front of Sam's with a 2 year old and 4 year old and put off the shopping for a while. So that lady tries to go in early, where she is rejected by the 70-something year old bouncer who tells her we can't come in 'til 10. I KID YOU NOT THAT AS SOON AS SHE GOT BACK TO THE SIDEWALK, HE OPENED THE DOORS FOR THE NONPLUS MEMBERS. Less than a minute later. A stickler for time like that wouldn't last a second in this house where I have been known to adjust the kitchen clocks to make bedtime come sooner.

#3- Bo bought himself a DVD today at Target. He is currently into Scooby Doo, Batman, and (of course) Buzz Lightyear. He almost jumped out of the cart today when he saw this in the $5 video section:

And really, who can blame him? When Curtis Stone (The Take Home Chef) joined the Biggest Loser I almost couldn't stand it.

#4- I keep looking at my sink and noticing that the dishes are still there. I kind of hoped that they would clean themselves while I typed this, but it looks like they are waiting for me. Typical.

#5- It's that time of year at the Bass house and Sascha is requiring a nebulizer treatment a few times a day for her asthma. This year, she is handling them much better and will even "roar" occasionally since the mask is a pink dinosaur. It makes me said for her though, because she is our go getter and it slows her down a smidge. The good news is, fingers crossed, she hasn't coughed 'til she pukes this season--first time ever, so I am thankful for the little things!

#6- Spring Break Staycation kicking off today. Woohoo. With gas prices at $8/gallon, we will be staying on Beckenham as much as possible, but feel free to come ride your bike or play some ball with us because the weather is supposed to be gorgeous! (And no, it's not really $8, but it feels like it might as well be!)

#7- Some guy drove down and parked in our dead end this morning. We are the last house on the street and most of our neighbors work (but if you are a bad guy, you should know that the policeman 5 houses up is always home during the day) and I get nervous when people park 10 feet from my house. We were heading for Target but I didn't want to let him see that we were leaving, so I pulled the suburban up to the top of the driveway and stared at him and his car until he left. He sat on the back bumper of his car and smoked something and then drove off (but not before I got his tags). Maybe that's all he came for or maybe he was going to dump something in the woods, but seriously?! Just in case it's not obvious . . . people live here folks!! This is not somewhere to dump your lawn trash, have a high school smoke party, or meet over your lunch hour to make out. And, yes, all of those things have happened. 

#8- For the same reason I have to eat the same color m-n-m on each side of my mouth I am having fun ending on a non multiple of 5.

#9- Sorry this is so long.

#10- I told you it would be random. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

If only I could freeze him . . .

I love my Bobo. LOVE HIM! I love how he is the 1st of our kids who comes to my side of the bed (furthest from the door) and climbs in to cuddle almost every morning. I love that when he sees me it is always as if it the first time in ages. He will run towards me with a huge smile and hug me all the while yelling, "MOMMY!! YOU BACK!!" I love that he answers, "Mommy!" to the question, "Who's your best friend?" I love and hate how much of a big boy he is becoming. I love how he confuses y's and L's . . . "I yuv Mrs. Yauren" and "My hair is lellow".  I love how he RUNS everywhere he goes. I love how he is obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED) with seeing his name written, the number 4, and the color of people's eyes. I love how unexpected he is--I can never predict what he will do, how he will react, or what new, hilarious thing he will do or say.

Like Tuesday when he walked into my room like this . . . 

(That is his spare car seat . . . he buckled himself in and walked around the house wearing it like a backpack!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I kind of knew it was bound to happen . . . like when your car has gotten dirty and disgusting so you clean it really really really well and swear no one will ever eat or drink or bring those color sheets from church in it ever again only to realize one day on the way to some activity that you only have enough time to shove some fast food towards the back seat before the next activity and the next thing you know you are picking moldy french fries out from under the seats wondering how you got back there.

At least that's what my friends tell me. We never eat in our spotless car because we are always consuming a healthy, balanced, homemade meal around our table while discussing deep topics in between moments of laughter and encouragement.

I digress, though, because what I started to say was I have been having so much fun writing this blog that I never thought the week would come where life would eat so much of my time that I would skip this many days in a row. Alas, however, once I finally sat down each night, The Bachelor, After the Final Rose, and The Biggest Loser were not going to watch themselves, and so this blog found itself neglected.

There were other things going on . . . Sascha's wheezing and Caroline's croupy, I got my second and final filling, Caroline had her 3rd ortho appointment and got her semi-permanent retainer put in.

And I just realized that it's only Wednesday. So I guess I only skipped one day. Which should just prove to you how long this week has felt because I could have sworn it was at least Thursday and I had abandoned all 16 of you (yay! a new member brought us back up to 16!!) for several days.

Well never mind. Maybe you didn't even miss me. I just want to say, though, that I really do appreciate all your sweet comments about the blog. This is such fun for me--an outlet where I can preserve some memories for my sweet little 4 and maybe make you feel better about yourself (hahaha).

So, I will try to be back tomorrow, though I may convince myself it is next week. 

Which really goes to show that the Diet Dr. Pepper had NOTHING to do with my spacey, blonde antics. And when I first started typing that I thought it was a good thing, but now I realize I have nothing and no one to blame them on but myself. 

Oh well. I will probably forget to feel bad about it anyway.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tow Trucks

Well . . . the weekend was full! There was bike riding and basketball . . . cheers and ice cream . . . I think the girls changed clothes 126 times each. And what I may have loved most was that when it was time for Mags to go home, after 48 hours, they acted like they hadn't had enough time together.

Friends. What precious gifts they are. Maggie and Caroline have been friends since they were 0 and 1. . . they have gone through every stage together. They have fought with each other and for each other. And at the end of the day, they'd like another hour together.

My Granny had a very, very best friend. They were like one person . . . they hurt with each other, they laughed with each other, they cried with each other, they knew each others' secrets and fears and dreams. Mrs. Ab and Gran were quite the pair. They schemed and pranked and cooked and raised their kids together. You knew trouble wasn't far behind if you ever saw their shoulders shaking in laughter. They solved the world's problems in Granny's Honda while drinking their Senior Citizen cokes in the Wal-Mart parking lot. But I think what made their friendship so unbreakable was that through it all they knew they had each other's back and that their own back was covered. They had a code when something was wrong and they needed the other one . . . they would call and say, "The ox is in the ditch." And that was all that needed to be said. Whoever called knew that she wasn't alone in her situation anymore. There wasn't a question or a doubt about whether Granny or Abilene would drop everything to help.

God knows me well. He knows that I need some tow truck friends when my oxes get in ditches. It's a phrase I use with my mom and it's a reliability I know I have with my close circle. Recently, I have felt so blessed when I am with my friends. I look around at them and think, "Really?! THEY LIKE ME?! ME?!" I am so thankful to God and to these special girls. It is such a privilege to rally around them when they need it. There is such honor and intimacy when you know people's junk as well as their good stuff. And there is such peace to know there are those out there who will guard your secrets with their life or bring you a meal when life is hard or call you because they were thinking about you or ask the real questions when you talk. (Of course we have to intersperse who we think Brad will pick on the Bachelor and our favorite spring trends . . . we are still girls!!)

So to my tow trucks . . . thanks! I treasure you all and I love being allowed to pull your oxes out too! We weren't meant to do this life alone and I am so thankful I get to do it with y'all!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Friday!!

Yay for the weekend!! Today is Friday . . . the end of a week of fever at the Bass house . . . Bo is running fever again (he was sick Monday) and I will be glad to have Josh home all day tomorrow and Sunday. There's just something about knowing that you have back-up with sick kids that makes it more bearable.

Bo has received lots of love and attention and even sympathy from his baby sister. I am amazed at how chatty Sascha is. Bo was pretty delayed with his speech (still is) and Tru was not a big talker, so it's been several years since we had a talkative toddler. She cracked me up today while I was putting Bo in the bath in an attempt to make him feel better. She was crying because she wanted to take a bath with him. I said, "No, sister, you cannot get in there because Bobo is sick." And just as plain as day she looked at me and said, "Oh my gosh. Poor BO! That is so sad!"

We're not all Motrin and thermometers here . . . Caroline's friend, Maggie, is spending the weekend with us and the girls are so excited! We have started calling her Maggie Bass because she is going to be one of us for the next few days. If I had to predict, I would guess there will be a lot of dancing and dress up and begging for someone to take them rolling. (Watch your trees, folks, these girls love to decorate with toilet paper!)

Could this post be more boring? Try me back on Monday . . . I'm sure Mags and Care will have provided me with plenty of humorous stories to retell!

I'm ok.....

Day 1 without ddp in the books....39 to go! Can I confess how habitual my drinking is? I got to Target today and felt weird not going to lane 5 to get my drink. I was getting ready to workout this morning and looking forward to my post exercise Sonic run when I realized if I go I have to get tea. I am so thankful that I have not had headaches; I am So sleepy and passed out between 8-8:30 last night. Anyway. I promise the next 38 posts won't be about how I am filling my days without he fizz, but today, it's all I got!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Withdrawls, Job Titles, and other random thoughts

I hope that I am not violating a Biblical principle by sharing this . . . really, I do, but if I am really writing about our family, then this is VERY RELEVANT!! So just know I'm not trying to be like a Pharisee or anything . . . just sharing.

I decided to give up Diet Dr. Pepper for Lent. I know. And yes, you read that right. If you have read 3 random blogs of mine, chances are good I invoked the name of Diet Dr. Pepper in at least 2 of them. I love my DDP (but because I will "suffer" through a Diet Coke when the best isn't available, I am really giving up all carbonated beverages). If I understand the point of fasting correctly, it is not about me proving what I can or can't do (although, I will be honest, one of the biggest hesitations I had in doing this was that I might fail because I am morbidly afraid of vomit, dentists, and failure!). Fasting is a physical way to remind me of my need for God or to be reminded to lay something before Him. The idea being, every time I have the urge to grab a DDP, I take a moment and spend some time praying or reflecting on God and who He is and what He has done. My mom and I laughed that I will praying all the time if I do that. Not a bad side effect. (Assuming the extreme dip in caffeine intake coupled with closing my eyes to pray does not equal falling asleep all the time instead.)

I had been contemplating giving them up anyway, or at least cutting back, because on our community group retreat, part of my answer to the question, "what relaxes you?", was a good bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. Obviously, there are other things that relax me, but it was such an easy and true answer that I got a little concerned about my love for the fizz.

So . . . if I seem disoriented or mad or shaky or tired, just know that the tea and water and alternating aleve and ibuprofen aren't cutting my withdrawl enough. And maybe pray for my family who must endure this 40 days with me.

In related news, perhaps one reason I am dependent on the DDP so much is the crazy life that we lead. Caroline asked me today what a mom of one of her friends did for her job. I told her I didn't know and she should ask her friend. And in a moment of fatigue and humor, I said, and if she asks you what your mom does, tell her I run a circus. That is definitely what it feels like.

And, finally, I have never claimed to be a woman with lots of confidence. I am also a people pleaser and the thought of offending someone unnerves me. So let me just say to follower #16 who quit following me, I am sorry. For whatever I did to make you leave me. I hope it wasn't our dental issues or the fact that I let my daughter dress like a modern day modest Madonna; perhaps you heard that Sascha glued her lips together with superglue and feel you need to distance yourself from my delinquent parenting. Whatever the case may be, #16, you are always welcome back.

And if the randomness of this post doesn't attest to the fact that I am in withdrawl, maybe the confession that I have reached for the bottle that isn't there several times while posting will.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rock Star Morning

Today is dress like a rock star day at school. Caroline has been counting down the days for over a week now. That child loves an opportunity to dress up and wear lipstick. Oh dear. We are in trouble. 

Last night, she and I had a mommy/daughter outing so she could work on her outfit and we could hang out. I would just like to say to my mom that she is avenging our shopping days for you. I am getting back all that I gave . . . don't you worry. She put out full rock star attitude last night. Diva was ticked off that they didn't have shoes in her size and that disappointed somehow translated into disappointment with me. I guess she wanted me to keep driving around until we found a pair of for her to wear today. (And probably never again!) Diva isn't paying $3.38/gallon for gas!

Somehow we semi-agreed on her rock star ensemble. I think that I have not watched a rock video since 1980-something because this was what we came up with . . . 

Crimped looking hair, a tutu like skirt with black leggings and fingerless gloves. She thinks she looks like Ashley Tisdale . . . I am seeing Madonna inspired rock wear. Whatever. We agreed she was rockin' it!

Tru, on the other hand, was less than thrilled about dressing up. He refused to have his hair spiked and was slightly annoyed to be wearing the guitar shirt I bought for him. Tru had a fever Sunday afternoon and night, so he got to stay home yesterday and enjoy the spoils of being "sick" while not feeling bad. He was a very disappointed boy with a temperature of 97.6 this morning. He channeled sullen star well, don't you think?

Let me just tell you that I am kind of over all the strong wardrobe opinions around here. Bo would wear the same red or gray polo shirt everyday if he could. He had a total meltdown over his long sleeve choices yesterday (because he has some sensory issues, he really does not like to layer). We were almost late to his speech therapy because his shirt was not the small one (aka, short sleeve) "wif buttons"! And no surprise here, but Sascha is not shy about things, either. She daily rejects the first several things I suggest and only acquiesces when I pull out something she deems "pincess" enough. 

Speaking of clothes, I guess I should go fold theirs so they can shove them in a drawer and then pull them out and throw them on the floor because they can't find anything they like to wear. (I know, Mom, my 4 apples are all sitting very close to the tree they fell from.)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seriously people

Last May, on the heels of Granny dying and Josh's job loss, we decided to embrace life and keep our Disney plans. In the midst of all the sadness, we needed a little get away to the happiest place on earth. It did NOT disappoint! We had an amazing time . . . laughing and crying sometimes as we missed being able to call Gran with some of our funny stories . . . like when the birds in Animal Kingdom rushed us and then pooped on my dad. You have to know how neat and clean he is to appreciate how really, really funny that is! There is a family story from my grandfather's hospital stay that Granny loooved to retell. It ended with her almost in tears laughing every time saying, "That persnickety David." So when the birds pooped on him, we all knew she was probably in heaven retelling that story and laughing at persnickety David getting hit.

Our last day there, we had to hit the race car track again. Sascha and Bo had passed out in the stroller, so Mom offered to sit with them. I was over the whiplash that occurred when Caroline drove the car, so I decided to take pictures of Dad and Josh with the 2 big kids on the track. Between their wait in the line and the fact that I positioned myself at the end of the "race", I had plenty of time to people watch. Now I am not saying that my family is all that, but let me tell you at Disney you see ALL kinds. I got tickled watching some of the people driving by and started snapping pictures. Josh and I laughed until we hurt looking back at them.

I am soooooo sorry if any of these are you or someone you know! There is no telling what people who don't know us would write about the Basses at Disney, but from a distance with no background some things are just funny . . . .

 Little man was sportin the do-rag and intense about his driving! 

This guy kept it at 10 and 2 the whole time . . . except when he stopped to take a sip from the drink that you can't see from this angle. He was biting his lower lip and concentrating on NOT driving off the track. (Wonder if he knew that no one could drive off the track?)

Wish I could find this guy--I bet he got some good pics too since he was snapping away the WHOLE TIME he drove. 

And these buddies . . . oh my . . . bowl cut at 3, bowl cut at 43. Let's just say one works and one, well, one might need to rethink his hair do.

Hope you think they are kind-of amusing . . . there is always the chance that you just had to be there.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fundraising FUN!

Last night Caroline and Tru's school had its first annual fundraising event. They are attending a brand new public school and the PTA has worked very hard to raise money. We modeled the evening after the fundraiser our old elementary school does--in addition to buying tickets, there is a silent auction and a live art auction. The art is made by each class and are all amazing and beautiful!

Our theme was "Come as you were" . . . basically, instead of having a disco or an 80's party, we had an open concept retro party. I cannot tell you how hilarious it was to see everyone's interpretations of it--most went 80's . . . the hair alone was awesome! Hairspray sales must have hit an all time high this week!

Josh and I went 90's . . . I wore a dress from a 10th grade formal and Josh wore his football practice gear 

But some people went big . . .

Have you ever seen anyone so creepy in all your life? The best (worst?) part was he stayed in character all night. He even managed to walk creepy. None of us were able to look at him and not laugh!

Like anyone that scary could land a girl like that! 

 Mandy and I

 Amy Moore, Mandy, and I

 Amy White on stage with the band Tragikly White

The band was AMAZING! I honestly have never had so much fun dancing or heard a better cover band! My legs were sore when I went to bed last night and I heard one of our friends is having muscle spasms today! 

This was probably my favorite come as you were! Susan and Bill Hoag are the parents of my friend, Heidi. And up until this year, I've always enjoyed them, but only known them as that or as Benjamin, Sophie and Georgia'a grandparents. In September, though, Susan and I were put in the same Bible study group and let me just say that I ADORE HER! She is a woman of grace and wisdom. When she would speak, all the younger moms/wives would whip our heads her way and listen attentively. You can be sure that what she says is true and worth trying! This is her ACTUAL PROM DRESS! Isn't that so fun and amazing?! Susan, you are a Lady of Wisdom, but last night, you were rockin' the Glory of Man!!

I don't know how successful the evening was as a fundraiser . . . but I do know that Josh and I had a lot of fun with our friends and I won swim lessons for Tru in the silent auction. He fulfills his New Year's Resolution and Roberts gets some money . . . we all go home winners!

I will leave you with this picture of my original evening out in the dress. Coincidentally, it was at the same country club as our fundraiser just a little over 18 years ago!