Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Expanding my blogging

I love writing! I love this blog and I relish any opportunity to write. Earlier this year in my Bible study, we were talking about one aspect of wisdom is using the gifts God has given you. That same week, Stacy Spangler (someone I love and admire) called and asked me if I would consider blogging for her and Kidz RAP on a regular basis. It seemed too much of a God thing to be offered a chance to use this passion for such a great cause and so I gladly agreed to do it.

Kidz RAP is a great organization that makes it easy (well, easier) to serve our community WITH our kids. It's a great way to give them a bigger picture of our city and our world than just the little bubble it can be easy to keep them in.

Funny confession, I have had a sick kid at EVERY Kidz RAP event that has occurred since I joined the blog team, but Caroline has participated and loved it!

Today, on the Kidz RAP blog, Stacy is introducing our blog team . . . check it out and check out the organization--it is taking off and making a difference not just in Little Rock . . . this week Houston held its first Kidz RAP event!!!

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