Friday, June 22, 2012

Lovin the Aunt life

Almost one year ago, Josh and I loaded up the car and hauled our kiddos to south Georgia to await the birth of our first nephew, John Tyler. It was, without a doubt, one of the sweetest times of my life. I love that baby boy so much and was so excited to be an aunt!! Aunts get to spoil kids rotten and love all over them and have this unconditional, near-parental adoration for them, but then we hand them back and sleep through the night.

A couple of months later, my sister had her first baby. A sweet baby boy named Davis who happens to love his Aunt RayRay (see, Aunt love right there, I don't even care that he is being trained to call me RayRay.) My sister is back in Little Rock after years in Georgia and it has been such a blessing to finally be in a stage of life together and see our kids loving each other. I am beyond thankful that Caroline, Tru, Bo, and Sascha will know their Aunt Kristin and Uncle David and all the cousins they give us!

My aunt cup felt pretty overflowing, and then . . . Josh's brother and his wife wanted to Skype one night. And guess what?! (If you can't guess this answer right, I cannot help you. No one can. It ought to be pretty obvious! Hahaha.) But just in case . . . THEY ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!! Right around their 1 year anniversary! What a present!!

Now, I love my nephews SO MUCH! But I am pretty stinkin' excited to say that I get to buy lots of pink stuff this time around!!! Jase and Sara are having a precious little baby girl. Congrats to y'all--we cannot wait to see how God blesses you with that sweet darling thing!

(And while I'm being all auntie, quick shout out to baby Davis as he recovers from tubes this morning--hope it helps!!)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And then there were 2 . . .

Waaaaaaay back in the winter, I set about making plans for our summer. I got a postcard reminding me to sign Caroline up for her second year at sleep-over camp and after careful planning, we managed to find 1 week (YES ONE) where all the friends who wanted to be together could go without family vacations or dance trips/work weeks conflicting. It was a Christmas miracle.

Once that date was set, I looked for somewhere for Tru to be that week, because everyone knows that the goal of every mom with more than one child is to find a week that they can all be busy without you. (Don't judge. Keep all four of mine for a week and you will help me plan said camp week next summer.) My friend, Robin told me about this place called Family Farm and, lo and behold, she had signed Em up for that same week that Caroline was going to be at Brookhill. Done. What was Family Farm exactly? I wasn't entirely sure . . . I knew it was all day for four days and that archery was involved. I was reading the Hunger Games at the time and that very Katniss activity made me even more pumped for him. Now don't worry, I knew other people who had done it in summers past and it seemed very safe and legit and good. Signed him up . . . check. 2 down, 2 to go.

I whipped out my Little Rock Family Magazine and Kids Directory and googled VBS Little Rock summer 2012.

Did you know that for the week of June 18th, I could not find ONE VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL DURING THE DAY THAT BO AND SASCHA COULD GO TO?!

Sigh. Another summer without the dream of all 4 having camp at the same time unrealized.

Lucky for me we have at least 8 more summers to try.

Anyway, Monday morning rolled around bright and early and we loaded up the Burb and headed to the edge of Benton to drop Tru off at the Family Farm bus stop. (Yes, I know it sound funny when written out.) At 7:45 he was loaded up and Caroline and I had a few errands to run before heading on to her camp.

**Pause for grateful shout-out to my sister and my mom who split the day taking care of Frick and Frack. No. Small. Task.**

So, Caroline and I hit up the Bryant Target for a few last minute camp needs, the bank, had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, got gas and a bag of snacks for while we waited and drove through Sonic for some large drinks and a grilled cheese for her lunch. AND STILL GOT TO CAMP 4 HOURS EARLY.

Now, let's be honest, I like to be early and prepared. Nothing (minus conflict and vomit) flusters me more than being late or unprepared. And, oh my, late AND unprepared, well, that makes me sweat just thinking about it. I mean, I've been having nightmares about forgetting things for Caroline's national's competition in Florida for weeks.

Anywho, I guess I have established that I like to be early. But we got to camp before some of the counselors. Not cool. So we sat in the car and painted my nails and sang. Then we got out and sat at a picnic table and Care painted her nails. Then we looked at each other and it was only 11:45. And we were still the only people there that were not employed by the camp.

I have a theory about things like this, and I didn't want to be first in line because that made us look neurotic (emphasis on look, because clearly we are not, because I'm not flying a neurotic flag at all by analyzing it this much). Being 2nd in line, I explained to her, would look lucky and well planned. But Caroline wanted to be first. She said we got there early, we WERE first, so we should proudly reap the fruits of of freakish labor and be first in line.

It was her day, after all, and I am trying not to pass all my weirdness on, so . . .

Here we are at the very front of the line. To be honest, I did want to get there earlier than we did last year so we could be a little more relaxed about making the bed and saying godbye. And it was great to be sitting in the covered area and get through all the registration part fast, so I wouldn't do much different, maybe spend longer in Target, but all in all, it worked out fine.

Here is my sweet darlin girl in her bed with 2 fans and an egg crate . . . it's as comfy as camp gets!

With her best friend and bunkmate, Maggie. So, so sweet.

And then the time came for Josh (who met us there after working) and I to leave her. They, of course, hammed it up

I, on the other hand, went for the sweet hug pose

Then realized I was getting emotional and tried to be funny

I cried off and on on the way home. Prayed a lot for her week and then stopped half-way back to pick up this bundle of cuteness

(side note, we decided NOT to have him wear contacts to the farm for logistical and he would totally lose them and we would have to replace them purposes)

Tru is having WAY more fun than I imagined he would. He got the sandcastle award Monday and yesterday he got FIRST PLACE in archery! So pumped for him because he was really excited. (And, it's good to know that if we ever break into districts and he needs to go off and hunt for our family, we have a chance at not starving.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Bo and Sascha and I are pretending it's just a regular week and going to therapy and the pool. Not the total kid vacation I envisioned, but who wouldn't love a week with these 2?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer bliss

ok. i'm just gonna put it out there . . . i love summer.

especially this summer.

life got real this year, and by that. i mean that our schedule amped up to a whole new level with all 4 kids in at least one activity.

i said it to a few people and i will say it again, while none of our kids were individually over scheduled, mama was done in by the end of the semester. where, oh where, were my bon-bons and soap operas?!

caroline's tonsillectomy was actually a sweet gift from God. the great news is she started feeling better this week; and not just better from surgery, but better in overall health. she is sleeping really well and really deep and (you are welcome future college roommate and future husband) she is NOT SNORING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS!!

but even more than just restoring her health and energy, her forced downtime has refreshed our home and our family. closets have been cleaned out and mud-area cubbies reorganized. we have had more family meals in the last 2 weeks than we did in the previous 2 months. i have seen EVERY episode available of good luck charlie and am a huge fan. tru has taken up a new hobby of "training" tate the dog (to be accurate, he is affirming the tricks tate already knows with treats, but whatever, it ain't the x-box). i am getting to appreciate the issues bo is overcoming because there is more time to witness his need to overcome them. we are staying in pj's past 7:30 in the morning and some days, we are staying in them until someone suggests the pool. (which, by the way, is also awesome this year because caroline has had to lay out with me during her recovery period and the other 3 are happy water bugs.)

ahhhh. life in a slower lane is good.

and in the spirit of appreciating the ability to appreciate life, i am warning you that i do NOT plan to get better about posting on a regular basis. there will (well, there may) come a time in life when i can return to the daily grind, but for now, i will just be hitting the highlights. i mean, really, someone has to watch reruns of duck dynasty with josh and stay on top of bill and guilianna's pregnancy via a gestational carrier and have sleep overs with caroline while we watch say yes to the dress and read mindless fiction. soon enough, august will slam into me and the alarm clock won't be optional and the homework will start and the constant prayers for bo and his teacher and the oh-so-weird-idea of having ONE at home after 8 1/2 years of always having at least 2 around will be here and i do NOT want to look back and regret the way i spent one single second. ok, so that's a little over the top because i regret several seconds sascha and i had today at kroger, but you get the idea.

at the end of the summer, i want to be a little tanner (sorry, i know pale is the new tan, but everyone knows that everything looks better tan), a little more rested, and full enough of my family to make it through our next season of life--even if (especially if) it is as busy and as crazy as the last (although i hope i learned a little from the month of may)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bo's Gradulations

These 2 pictures are from waaaaay back in September . . . Bo's first day of school . . . he was 4 and excited and adorable

These were 2 weeks ago on his last day of school . . . 5 now and still adorable and excited

And these (sniff, sniff) are from his Transitional Kindergarten Graduation (and let me just say if my emotions from pre-k graduation are any indication, the kids' high school graduations may be embarrassing events for the Bass family because Mommy will be boo-hooing!)

 So handsome!

 I LOOOVE his smiles

 As if we weren't all emotional enough, they sang "Make new friends but keep the old . . . "

 He's official

 and slightly confused by the tassel movement

 all graduated

 sweet sister celebrating with him

such the ladies' man :)

I cannot cannot cannot say enough about Mrs. Trish. She loved Bo so well and really helped us get his OT started. She was encouraging and honest and REALLY knows how to love and reach boys. I wish we could take her with us to kindergarten!!