Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rock Star Morning

Today is dress like a rock star day at school. Caroline has been counting down the days for over a week now. That child loves an opportunity to dress up and wear lipstick. Oh dear. We are in trouble. 

Last night, she and I had a mommy/daughter outing so she could work on her outfit and we could hang out. I would just like to say to my mom that she is avenging our shopping days for you. I am getting back all that I gave . . . don't you worry. She put out full rock star attitude last night. Diva was ticked off that they didn't have shoes in her size and that disappointed somehow translated into disappointment with me. I guess she wanted me to keep driving around until we found a pair of for her to wear today. (And probably never again!) Diva isn't paying $3.38/gallon for gas!

Somehow we semi-agreed on her rock star ensemble. I think that I have not watched a rock video since 1980-something because this was what we came up with . . . 

Crimped looking hair, a tutu like skirt with black leggings and fingerless gloves. She thinks she looks like Ashley Tisdale . . . I am seeing Madonna inspired rock wear. Whatever. We agreed she was rockin' it!

Tru, on the other hand, was less than thrilled about dressing up. He refused to have his hair spiked and was slightly annoyed to be wearing the guitar shirt I bought for him. Tru had a fever Sunday afternoon and night, so he got to stay home yesterday and enjoy the spoils of being "sick" while not feeling bad. He was a very disappointed boy with a temperature of 97.6 this morning. He channeled sullen star well, don't you think?

Let me just tell you that I am kind of over all the strong wardrobe opinions around here. Bo would wear the same red or gray polo shirt everyday if he could. He had a total meltdown over his long sleeve choices yesterday (because he has some sensory issues, he really does not like to layer). We were almost late to his speech therapy because his shirt was not the small one (aka, short sleeve) "wif buttons"! And no surprise here, but Sascha is not shy about things, either. She daily rejects the first several things I suggest and only acquiesces when I pull out something she deems "pincess" enough. 

Speaking of clothes, I guess I should go fold theirs so they can shove them in a drawer and then pull them out and throw them on the floor because they can't find anything they like to wear. (I know, Mom, my 4 apples are all sitting very close to the tree they fell from.)

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