Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dental Awareness Week

I'm not sure if there is an actual dental awareness week. I imagine there is since I have learned that next week is National School Breakfast Week (or something like that).

Anyway, this week we have had some oral fixations at casa Bass. You know Caroline's story. Tru has his first loose tooth-Woohoo!! But I am sorry to report that I had 2 unfortunate developments as well . . . a broken filling on one side and a cavity on the other.

For a while now I thought I had a sensitive tooth. I kept meaning to buy Sensodyne toothpaste and had been favoring the other side of my mouth in the meantime. Saturday afternoon, I ate some popcorn and out came the filling and some tooth. Eww. That grosses me out to even type it!! I had no good side anymore, so eating this week has required creative chewing and soft textures . . . grits, jello, bananas, and peanut butter have been my staples. Because I had a bad experience with a dentist (who is not practicing any longer) and because I am extremely prone to gagging (seriously--chewing gum can set me off and blowing up balloons or floaty pool toys is not even an option for me) I tend to only go to the dentist when there is EXTREME pain or no way to deny the need (i.e., a tooth breaks off). This was one of those times.

Well, hats off to Nayla Hatley again! My experience today was easy and painless. My cavity is filled and in two weeks I will be going back to get the broken filling replaced. I even had my teeth cleaned Monday and managed that well too.

Tomorrow, Caroline goes to the orthodontist for spacers and begin the process of being fitted for an appliance and possibly braces this summer. By the end of March, we may have to sell some plasma to cover our mouths, but they will be healthy and on the way to being straight!!

I promise not to take up anymore of your time with dental stories, but if this blog is an accurate record of our lives . . . well, this is what we've been doing! So go brush your teeth and floss and schedule your cleanings for every six months and maybe you can escape a week like ours!

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