Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurricanes and Turtles and Coughs--oh my!

Today needs to be a productive day for me, so in the spirit of list making and task accomplishing, here is a brief rundown of things we have going on today . . . 

#1-Hurricane/Tropical Depression Isaac is heading our way and we are expecting up a LOT of rain. Which, according to one report I saw, sounds good considering the drought conditions we've been under, but may be bad because the land is so dry it may have trouble accepting the water so we could have flash flooding. That makes me think of how I feel somedays when I finally lay down at night and am exhausted but can't fall asleep.

#2-Sascha and Josh found a turtle. I am a turtle's biggest cheerleader against the hare and when I see one trying to cross the street, but I was a little less than thrilled when Sascha brought him in in a box full of leaves. I am currently listening to him crunch said leaves and planting ideas in Sascha's head that his mommy is looking for him and this is just a play date. I have nothing against our little friend, but I know who will end up worrying about and caring for little T and that person's name doesn't start with a J or an S. It's kind of like when Josh grounds one of our kids from their IPod or TV right before he goes out of town and leaves me with no electronic babysitter (yes, I said it) for when the afternoons get looooong. Great in principle, but I am not happy with having to execute it.

#3-Caroline's cough is better. The doctor cleared her to go back to school tomorrow after missing an entire week. Bless. Her. Heart. Her teachers have been super sweet working with us and encouraging her. They haven't been able to definitively say what it is making her sick and ended up giving her a steroid and an antibiotic to wipe whatever it is out. Did you know steroids make people moody? Her head may have spun around last night over a discussion about what she could snack on. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barky the Seal

If you came to my house today, you would think we went to Sea World and made off with a seal. Poor Caroline has croup--or something croupy. On Wednesday, I thought she was being dramatic . . . on Thursday, it was kind of funny (she thought so too) . . . on Friday, she started feeling lousy . . . on Monday, we took her to the doctor . . . now it's Wednesday, and she seems worse than ever, so we are trudging back to the doctor. I hate it when she's sick--when any of my munchkins are, really. I wish I sounded like the seal and she was at school having fun.

Which reminds me of our beach trip . . . the urgent care clinic beach trip . . . which reminds me, I never did a beach post, so . . .

Josh and I loaded up our car on a Friday night (and I mean LOADED UP because we were going to be gone for 2 WEEKS and Caroline had a dance competition in the middle of it all). I cleaned the house and got everyone's travel bag ready for the car and made sure our hotel bag was easy to grab. About the time we were ready to buckle up, Sascha said her head hurt, so I did what every good mom does in a moment like that and ignored her. 'Til we got to Dumas and she said her tummy hurt. And she had that look on her face. You know the look--the one that says this isn't going to turn out well. We pulled over somewhere for gas and to let her get out and get some air and I thought, "Hmmm, she's pretty warm." Yep. 103. I'll save you all the details, but PRAISE THE LORD, she managed to make it to the hotel before she started throwing up. Now, I'm not gonna lie, and if you know me, it's not news, but I HATE VOMIT. DETEST IT. Mine, my kids, someone on tv, reading about someone 3 states over vomiting. Whatever. I hate it, so I was a little bummed that our wonderful beach vaca was beginning to look like a crash diet for the family. Little bit drifted off to sleep and then woke up SCREAMING around 3 that her head hurt and she was going to "FROW UP ADEN!!!!" The head hurting part was excruciating though, and  we realized it might be driving the barfing. Once again, I'm not gonna lie, I did the WORST thing any mom can do at 3 in the morning while sleep deprived with a sick child--I googled her symptoms.

Don't google symptoms. Never. Google. Symptoms. Because brain tumor is ALWAYS on the list of possibilities. And in Sascha's case, so was strep, which is what the on call nurse at our pediatric clinic thought it was, so . . . Josh can now recommend an excellent urgent care clinic in Mobile. Strep was confirmed (although he cautioned that mono was on the rise and we should have her reseen if the antibiotics didn't work). Ibuprofen, zofran and amoxicillin kicked in and she was functioning and not puking, so on we went.

Did I mention we were meeting my sister, her husband and her 6 month old baby at the beach? Don't you know they were SOOOOOOOOO happy to see us with streppy-strepperson?

Sascha eventually rallied and we really ended up having an amazing trip (minus Tru's NASTY ear infection and the fact that baby Davis ended up at another urgent care clinic with a fever and ear infection--yay, it wasn't strep). The 4th of July fireworks were sooo fun. Bo LOOOOVED the ocean and boogie boarding. Sascha was not as much of a fan . . . except for Caroline, we have discovered that our kids don't love the beach til age 4. Not sure why. We had such a great house that was bayside on a pond so the kids could fish--it was catch and release and I swear that they all caught the same fish. I wanted to mark it with a Sharpy marker, but Josh wouldn't let me--something about ruining the magic of it. There were 2 golf carts that took us everywhere we needed to go (including the grocery store--I love grocery shopping by golf cart). Life just slowed down and it was great. And for reasons I am not ready to express on the web and some I can't even verbalize, just the very fact that we were all there together was special beyond words.

The week was over all to fast, but the Basses were not done living the beach life . . . beach part 2 to come. (Can you even stand it?!) But til then, here are some highlight photos

 Poor baby didn't feel like sitting around food, but hated being left out too.

 One of my favorites--just trust me

 The fish

 The fish (again)--I imagine him thinking, "SERIOUSLY?! AGAIN?!"


 The ocean was crystal clear ALL WEEK. It looked like a swimming pool. And isn't that little rafter cute?

 Tru and Papa

 Heading to Baytown for fireworks

 My real kids

 Oh how I love this mess

 (she chose a balloon animal--she did NOT want her face painted)

 Once Aunt Kristin suggested a little kiddie pool for Sassy to sit in at the beach, she was much happier!

 the boy loves his flippers

 tired babies

 the end of a great week, despite a rocky start!!


 Could you not EAT HIM UP?!

 The Presleys

Funny thing about this picture . . . we put our names on the list at a restaurant and had less than an hour to take pictures on the beach (it's called multi-tasking with kids). As we were taking the BIG family picture, they paged us. I'm not sure if you have ever tried to get 6 adults and 5 kids to smile at once, but it ain't easy. Especially when you keep hearing your name being called over the beach. The picture I really wish we had was the one of Josh running like an Olympian to confirm our seat!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Normals and Overanalyzing

Today was day 3 of the big three all being in school. Bo is doing great, tired, but raring to go each morning. Although, I think he hit his wall this afternoon--he went postal on Tru and Sascha and then collapsed in my lap crying. A hug, a snack, and some alone time watching Wild Kratts and he is back to all smiles and giggles. (By the way, I so get it. I could use a snack and some alone time too! Ha ha ha)

I'm not going to lie, I cried this morning when Bo got out of the car in the actual carpool line. It was the first day that I didn't walk him in and it was sweet and sad all at once. BUT, I am so happy for him and he is enjoying kindergarten so much! He was King for the Day yesterday and got to take 5 things that he loves. He took a dino book, his Batman costume (big surprise), goggles (because he loves to swim), Legos, and a picture of our family. He ran off the bus with a cardboard crown (think old school burger king) and my heart melted a little.

these 2 were happy to see each other and she wouldn't let go of him

Meanwhile, I have been spending a couple of days spoiling loving on Sascha. For most of her (almost) 4 years, she has been thrown in the car to drop off or pick up the brothers and sister from various schools and activities. And this year, she was old enough to notice that they all got some new gear for the new year.

Now I am well aware that she has had a great life, but I wonder sometimes if she feels like she is just along for the ride. So, yesterday, she and I took some time to slow down and enjoy things together. We decided to go to the "bazoo" (what most folks call the zoo) and take our time wandering around. We had the best. time. ever. I enjoyed her so much and she is still thanking me today for our time there. I sent Josh a text while we were on the train that 2 of her favorite "animals" were the squirrels and the inch worms. Sascha, however will tell you the giraffes were her very favorite. We had a creepy moment when the (skinny) tiger was pacing around his area growling this painful growl and when we peeked in the penguins' training area and saw what looked to be a dead penguin before realizing it was a penguin dummy, but overall, it was perfect. The day was beautiful and she was a dream.

I am thankful for the year I will have with her before she heads off to pre-k next year. I think that she really needs this time with me to be validated as an individual and not just told to get in the car because we have to go get (fill in the name of the sibling). She is such an independent and tough cookie that I sometimes forget she is also a little girl who needs/wants her mommy.

Of course, at least for me, a day as a mom wouldn't be complete without some self-imposed guilt after I overanalyze something. I had some great one on one time with Caroline when she was little--she did gymboree and play group and had friends over and blah, blah, blah. And then the boys came along and everyone was smushed together into a lump called "the kids". Now, Sascha has a chance to be alone and have me all to herself and I had a moment of panic yesterday because the boys never had extended periods of time alone with me like the girls have and will. I know that parenting requires intentionality and I really do look at our schedule each year and try to find a regular time to spend alone with each of them, but the human in me panicked yesterday. Are the boys going to be totally screwed up because I didn't have zoo days with them when they were 3?! Will they feel less loved because they didn't have a year or more of one on one time with me?!

My rational side knows that I am screwing all of them up equally and I shouldn't worry, but I do. And I am not looking for compliments and accolades, just sharing.

Anyway, we wrapped up our special day at Target--our fav place together and came home to watch the Cat in the Hat. It was a great day. Here are some pics from the zoo--she wanted her picture taken with all the statue animals . . . funny girl

I believe her exact words were, "Oh, Mr. Dorilla, I love you!"

I told her to smile in this one and she told me that flowers don't smile. How can you argue with that? Have you ever seen a smiling flower? Love that little mind of hers!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Boo. Hoo.

This happened this morning.

This morning my alarm clock went off and my heart started hurting. I have been dreading this day since we enrolled Bo in kindergarten last January. I had teary moments as the summer wound down, and while he and I cuddled on the couch yesterday watching Godzilla, I quietly wept into that towhead. 

Of course all Bo has seen from me are smiles and excitement. We have talked up kindergarten and bought supplies and built it up to be amazing and he was SO READY TO GO.

So, this morning, my sad heart crawled into his bed and woke him up. I fed him breakfast and tied his shoes. We took all the usual pics at the door and loaded up the car and drove to school. We got Bo settled in his class and we didn't hover. We scooted on out because 1) it's easier on him and 2) Mommy was about. to. lose it.

If I saw you in the hallway and I didn't speak or look at you, don't be offended, I was focused on not crying too loud or too ugly. I couldn't stop myself from crying, though. I have a very tender place in my heart for Bo. Every mom knows that while you love your children the same amount, you love them completely differently. Bo is such a genuinely sweet child. He is so innocent and he puts up no fronts. If he is mad, you know it. If he is happy, you know it. If he feels a wave of affection come over himself, he will tell you he loves you. And he has really worked hard to be able to function well in school. He spend 2-3 hours each week in therapies so that school (and life) would be a little easier. I feel his vulnerability more than any of my other kids' and I felt like I left my heart in Mrs. Shelton's kindergarten class.

My sweet boy ran off the bus this afternoon--declaring it awesome--and said he had a great day. He seemed happy and not too overwhelmed and went on to speech and occupational therapies where he got 2 thumbs up. I am beyond grateful to God for Bo and for a good day--a lot of prayers were uttered for him. I know that there will be hard days ahead, along with many more good ones. I am thankful for a great start for him.

In related (and just as important) news, this sweet kid started 3rd grade. Yes, you read that right, THIRD GRADE. Seriously?! He has several friends in his class, including one of the Bass family favorites, Emily!!!! They have such a great bond and we are big fans of the Matson family! Tru had a great day too, even if he is bummed by the fact that homework is probably going to pick up in 3rd grade.

 So here comes the first day picture dump:

Sascha is, by the way, very disappointed that she is not in "tool" and waivers between enjoying being the only one at home and missing having them around to hit. (My paraphrase of her words.) I am ready to soak up some time with her. It will be the first time since Tru was born that I have only one at home for more than a few weeks. Crazy to imagine--my blog title is right, the years are FLYING . . .

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm blogging again, and that can only mean . . .

DUNH DUNH DUNH . . . school has started.

How can it be?! Summer CAN'T BE OVER!!!!

But, alas, at least for Caroline, it is. The boys get a few more days to lounge and swim and soak it all up.

Just look at her . . .

She looks all torn up about it, doesn't she?

My sweet, baby girl started middle school today.

Middle school.

(Yes, I am using many paragraphs for dramatic emphasis and effect.)

Like, she has a locker, y'all. And, by the way, it ain't your mama's locker anymore! Oh no--lockers now days are interior decorating showpieces. We wallpapered, we put up accessories and mirrors and dry erase boards and could have added chandeliers and curtains and rugs. (And I have to admit, it was fun and it looks adorable.)

She has a schedule and changes classes and has study hall.

Caroline is le-git, folks. Summer reading assignment and all. Drop her off, don't walk her in. Homeroom teacher.


Wasn't she just born? Or at the very least, just starting kindergarten? 10 1/2 years goes so fast.

Okay. Pulling myself together. Plenty left to cry about Monday when Bo starts kindergarten.


Sorry. I'm gonna distract myself with a summer recap. It goes something like this . . .

We swam, we traveled, the kids went to camp(s), Caroline danced, we swam, Bo had therapy, we swam, we traveled, Caroline danced, Sascha danced, Bo had therapy, Tru made movies, we swam.

It has been (as a mom) one of the greatest summers ever. My kids all loved the pool and were able to really swim and enjoy it. I feel magazine-reading and diet dr. pepper drinking in the lounge chair is just a summer or two away.

I will have to dedicate a post to the beach, to Bo's summer victories, and a miscellaneous one over the next few days. I'm so thankful that I took the summer to hang with my little peeps. There wasn't a whole lot of adult social time and I didn't blog. After a year of insanity and schedules that kept us going in 6 different directions, I basically focused on my kiddos and loved. it. all. I am proud to say they are officially sick of each other.

Here are some pics to highlight the months. It's good to be back in the blog world.