Sunday, March 6, 2011

Seriously people

Last May, on the heels of Granny dying and Josh's job loss, we decided to embrace life and keep our Disney plans. In the midst of all the sadness, we needed a little get away to the happiest place on earth. It did NOT disappoint! We had an amazing time . . . laughing and crying sometimes as we missed being able to call Gran with some of our funny stories . . . like when the birds in Animal Kingdom rushed us and then pooped on my dad. You have to know how neat and clean he is to appreciate how really, really funny that is! There is a family story from my grandfather's hospital stay that Granny loooved to retell. It ended with her almost in tears laughing every time saying, "That persnickety David." So when the birds pooped on him, we all knew she was probably in heaven retelling that story and laughing at persnickety David getting hit.

Our last day there, we had to hit the race car track again. Sascha and Bo had passed out in the stroller, so Mom offered to sit with them. I was over the whiplash that occurred when Caroline drove the car, so I decided to take pictures of Dad and Josh with the 2 big kids on the track. Between their wait in the line and the fact that I positioned myself at the end of the "race", I had plenty of time to people watch. Now I am not saying that my family is all that, but let me tell you at Disney you see ALL kinds. I got tickled watching some of the people driving by and started snapping pictures. Josh and I laughed until we hurt looking back at them.

I am soooooo sorry if any of these are you or someone you know! There is no telling what people who don't know us would write about the Basses at Disney, but from a distance with no background some things are just funny . . . .

 Little man was sportin the do-rag and intense about his driving! 

This guy kept it at 10 and 2 the whole time . . . except when he stopped to take a sip from the drink that you can't see from this angle. He was biting his lower lip and concentrating on NOT driving off the track. (Wonder if he knew that no one could drive off the track?)

Wish I could find this guy--I bet he got some good pics too since he was snapping away the WHOLE TIME he drove. 

And these buddies . . . oh my . . . bowl cut at 3, bowl cut at 43. Let's just say one works and one, well, one might need to rethink his hair do.

Hope you think they are kind-of amusing . . . there is always the chance that you just had to be there.

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