Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Friday!!

Yay for the weekend!! Today is Friday . . . the end of a week of fever at the Bass house . . . Bo is running fever again (he was sick Monday) and I will be glad to have Josh home all day tomorrow and Sunday. There's just something about knowing that you have back-up with sick kids that makes it more bearable.

Bo has received lots of love and attention and even sympathy from his baby sister. I am amazed at how chatty Sascha is. Bo was pretty delayed with his speech (still is) and Tru was not a big talker, so it's been several years since we had a talkative toddler. She cracked me up today while I was putting Bo in the bath in an attempt to make him feel better. She was crying because she wanted to take a bath with him. I said, "No, sister, you cannot get in there because Bobo is sick." And just as plain as day she looked at me and said, "Oh my gosh. Poor BO! That is so sad!"

We're not all Motrin and thermometers here . . . Caroline's friend, Maggie, is spending the weekend with us and the girls are so excited! We have started calling her Maggie Bass because she is going to be one of us for the next few days. If I had to predict, I would guess there will be a lot of dancing and dress up and begging for someone to take them rolling. (Watch your trees, folks, these girls love to decorate with toilet paper!)

Could this post be more boring? Try me back on Monday . . . I'm sure Mags and Care will have provided me with plenty of humorous stories to retell!

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