Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh so random

I think that you can just expect random posts on Fridays. Because I am kind of done by Friday. (Truth . . . sometimes I am kind of done by Tuesday or Wednesday.) Maybe I will even officially declare Friday's posts to be Random. If I was clever I could have some catchy title for it. You will have to be happy with Random. (Unless there is better news to report or share.)

Ok. Here goes.

#1- I went out for the second day in a row to run errands with Thing 1 and Thing 2 in work out clothes and a hat . . . unshowered, unmakeuped, but I am 95% sure I brushed my teeth. And do you know the thought that went through my head? It wasn't that I should have gotten up earlier and showered. Nor did I chide myself for becoming that person. I wasn't even worried about seeing someone I know. Nope. I wished I had a spray tan because unshowered and unmakeuped looks so much better tan. Thank goodness I didn't give that up for Lent. (Mandy . . . I will call you soon!)

#2- I had to go to Sam's today to get 1 thing. Let that sit for a minute. First the irony of going to a wholesale club for ONE thing and then the inconvenience of going there for ONE thing. But it was necessary and it was the best and cheapest place to get it. We pulled into our parking place at 9:50 and waited in the car for 10 minutes so they could open. I loaded up the little people in the cart and went and joined the other non-plus members waiting to be let in. (If you are super special and pay more for your membership, you can go in and shop with the other special members from 7-10 before us non-plus members lower the class in the joint.)  ANYWAY. There is always that one person, you know. The person who thinks that the people waiting are waiting because it's fun to stand in front of Sam's with a 2 year old and 4 year old and put off the shopping for a while. So that lady tries to go in early, where she is rejected by the 70-something year old bouncer who tells her we can't come in 'til 10. I KID YOU NOT THAT AS SOON AS SHE GOT BACK TO THE SIDEWALK, HE OPENED THE DOORS FOR THE NONPLUS MEMBERS. Less than a minute later. A stickler for time like that wouldn't last a second in this house where I have been known to adjust the kitchen clocks to make bedtime come sooner.

#3- Bo bought himself a DVD today at Target. He is currently into Scooby Doo, Batman, and (of course) Buzz Lightyear. He almost jumped out of the cart today when he saw this in the $5 video section:

And really, who can blame him? When Curtis Stone (The Take Home Chef) joined the Biggest Loser I almost couldn't stand it.

#4- I keep looking at my sink and noticing that the dishes are still there. I kind of hoped that they would clean themselves while I typed this, but it looks like they are waiting for me. Typical.

#5- It's that time of year at the Bass house and Sascha is requiring a nebulizer treatment a few times a day for her asthma. This year, she is handling them much better and will even "roar" occasionally since the mask is a pink dinosaur. It makes me said for her though, because she is our go getter and it slows her down a smidge. The good news is, fingers crossed, she hasn't coughed 'til she pukes this season--first time ever, so I am thankful for the little things!

#6- Spring Break Staycation kicking off today. Woohoo. With gas prices at $8/gallon, we will be staying on Beckenham as much as possible, but feel free to come ride your bike or play some ball with us because the weather is supposed to be gorgeous! (And no, it's not really $8, but it feels like it might as well be!)

#7- Some guy drove down and parked in our dead end this morning. We are the last house on the street and most of our neighbors work (but if you are a bad guy, you should know that the policeman 5 houses up is always home during the day) and I get nervous when people park 10 feet from my house. We were heading for Target but I didn't want to let him see that we were leaving, so I pulled the suburban up to the top of the driveway and stared at him and his car until he left. He sat on the back bumper of his car and smoked something and then drove off (but not before I got his tags). Maybe that's all he came for or maybe he was going to dump something in the woods, but seriously?! Just in case it's not obvious . . . people live here folks!! This is not somewhere to dump your lawn trash, have a high school smoke party, or meet over your lunch hour to make out. And, yes, all of those things have happened. 

#8- For the same reason I have to eat the same color m-n-m on each side of my mouth I am having fun ending on a non multiple of 5.

#9- Sorry this is so long.

#10- I told you it would be random. 

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