Thursday, March 17, 2011

If only I could freeze him . . .

I love my Bobo. LOVE HIM! I love how he is the 1st of our kids who comes to my side of the bed (furthest from the door) and climbs in to cuddle almost every morning. I love that when he sees me it is always as if it the first time in ages. He will run towards me with a huge smile and hug me all the while yelling, "MOMMY!! YOU BACK!!" I love that he answers, "Mommy!" to the question, "Who's your best friend?" I love and hate how much of a big boy he is becoming. I love how he confuses y's and L's . . . "I yuv Mrs. Yauren" and "My hair is lellow".  I love how he RUNS everywhere he goes. I love how he is obsessed (and I mean OBSESSED) with seeing his name written, the number 4, and the color of people's eyes. I love how unexpected he is--I can never predict what he will do, how he will react, or what new, hilarious thing he will do or say.

Like Tuesday when he walked into my room like this . . . 

(That is his spare car seat . . . he buckled himself in and walked around the house wearing it like a backpack!)

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  1. He reminds me of my oldest, Winlon. Little boys are so special and you are making me nostalgic for I'm not sure what...time to freeze? And the car seat thing, well, that is pure genius. Kudos for being able to think to grab the camera. I would have been too busy doubled over in laughter!