Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fundraising FUN!

Last night Caroline and Tru's school had its first annual fundraising event. They are attending a brand new public school and the PTA has worked very hard to raise money. We modeled the evening after the fundraiser our old elementary school does--in addition to buying tickets, there is a silent auction and a live art auction. The art is made by each class and are all amazing and beautiful!

Our theme was "Come as you were" . . . basically, instead of having a disco or an 80's party, we had an open concept retro party. I cannot tell you how hilarious it was to see everyone's interpretations of it--most went 80's . . . the hair alone was awesome! Hairspray sales must have hit an all time high this week!

Josh and I went 90's . . . I wore a dress from a 10th grade formal and Josh wore his football practice gear 

But some people went big . . .

Have you ever seen anyone so creepy in all your life? The best (worst?) part was he stayed in character all night. He even managed to walk creepy. None of us were able to look at him and not laugh!

Like anyone that scary could land a girl like that! 

 Mandy and I

 Amy Moore, Mandy, and I

 Amy White on stage with the band Tragikly White

The band was AMAZING! I honestly have never had so much fun dancing or heard a better cover band! My legs were sore when I went to bed last night and I heard one of our friends is having muscle spasms today! 

This was probably my favorite come as you were! Susan and Bill Hoag are the parents of my friend, Heidi. And up until this year, I've always enjoyed them, but only known them as that or as Benjamin, Sophie and Georgia'a grandparents. In September, though, Susan and I were put in the same Bible study group and let me just say that I ADORE HER! She is a woman of grace and wisdom. When she would speak, all the younger moms/wives would whip our heads her way and listen attentively. You can be sure that what she says is true and worth trying! This is her ACTUAL PROM DRESS! Isn't that so fun and amazing?! Susan, you are a Lady of Wisdom, but last night, you were rockin' the Glory of Man!!

I don't know how successful the evening was as a fundraiser . . . but I do know that Josh and I had a lot of fun with our friends and I won swim lessons for Tru in the silent auction. He fulfills his New Year's Resolution and Roberts gets some money . . . we all go home winners!

I will leave you with this picture of my original evening out in the dress. Coincidentally, it was at the same country club as our fundraiser just a little over 18 years ago!


  1. You look amazing! Love the cause and the all of the pics :)

  2. You rocked that dress! It's just plain impressive that anyone our age could fit into their 10th grade dress. :) Looks like y'all had so much fun!