Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thyroid on the brain

Well, I apologize. Josh says I was out of line to even REFER to girly things, so I will never mention them again. Period.

Hee hee.

Anyway. I am feeling a bit sluggish today. The kind of sluggish where you wonder if you should drive because at any moment your eyes might win and close. At first, I chalked it up to our rip roarin spring break, but then I remembered we haven't done anything tiring. But as I fought to stay awake playing Bo in Mario Kart, I realized I recognized this kind of tired and tried to remember the last time I took my thyroid medicine. And I can't.

When my thyroid gets low, there are 4 main indicators for me . . . 1) I get a little pooch in my belly (I will not comment on whether or not this is the case), 2) I am cold no matter what the weather (I drove to Sonic today with my heater on and my seat heated and noticed the temperature outside read 73), 3) I am extremely tired. Like CANNOT keep my eyes open tired (hence my fear to drive and the reason it took me 3 days to watch a movie that was 108 minutes long), and 4) I get really, really forgetful (and then forget that I haven't taken my meds and then get more forgetful and can't remember to take them or refill them and well, you get the picture). I have switched purses a lot lately, and apparently, my cytomel hasn't always made the jump.

Now some of you are going to wonder (and even a few ask) why I don't get a pill box so I can be reminded and see each day if I have taken my thyroid medicine or not. And to that I would say, "Because I am 34, not 74."

Logically, your next suggestion would be to put them somewhere that is more permanent instead of my purse. And I have reasons. Good ones. Like, because when I do remember to take them (and I prefer to take them midday because it works best for me if I do), my purse is almost always with me. And I don't leave things out because Thing 1 and Thing 2 are clever. Bo opened my medication one day and took 17 before I could get to him. (I take 4 a day and weigh considerably more than him and when I accidently took 5 one day I was very jittery.)

Yes. We panicked and called poison control. Where I had to spell the medication. And then tell them what kind of drug it was. At which point they told me that they had never heard of it before, nor was it in any of their systems. Thank you poison control. So we called my endocrinologist and told him what happened and he said it would take more than that to really hurt him, but that he would get really, really hyper and then crash. I think his exact words were, "Probably run in circles and then fall down." And sure enough, the child ran from one side of our bed to the other and talked really, really fast for several hours before taking a VERY GOOD nap!

So that option is out and putting them up high is out because Bo likes to push chairs and ottomans and stools over so he can reach what he is after, no matter how high it is.  And then things like this happen:

That is navy blue fingernail polish that was up REALLY high that is on Sascha's face. It was all over his legs, but he was very proud to have painted it on her face. I was 8 feet away with the door opened when it happened. The quiet tipped me off.

So I guess Bo is the main reason we have to hide the drugs. We don't want him getting addicted to synthetic T3. And maybe I should be irritated with him, but it's hard because look how stinkin' cute he is!


  1. Bahaha! Sascha had some serious Lady Gaga style going there. So glad Bo was okay after the 17 pills! Makes me think of the time Josh was watching the boys while I was with some girlfriends, and Hendrix swallowed a whole bottle of children's Zyrtec (thank you child.proof.lid.). Gotta love all these crazy moments. Seriously... Bo & Hendrix make a team. We'll have to keep an eye on them at our next family beach trip. :)

  2. no kidding!! miss you guys! hope we can see you soon. I need to look at the baseball schedule and find a weekend to come up.

  3. I'm dying. Too funny! Medication and babies combo scares the CRAP out of me. Ugh. I wake up in the middle of the night and check stuff. Um, first time mom much Shelli????? ha xoxo Shel