Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I kind of knew it was bound to happen . . . like when your car has gotten dirty and disgusting so you clean it really really really well and swear no one will ever eat or drink or bring those color sheets from church in it ever again only to realize one day on the way to some activity that you only have enough time to shove some fast food towards the back seat before the next activity and the next thing you know you are picking moldy french fries out from under the seats wondering how you got back there.

At least that's what my friends tell me. We never eat in our spotless car because we are always consuming a healthy, balanced, homemade meal around our table while discussing deep topics in between moments of laughter and encouragement.

I digress, though, because what I started to say was I have been having so much fun writing this blog that I never thought the week would come where life would eat so much of my time that I would skip this many days in a row. Alas, however, once I finally sat down each night, The Bachelor, After the Final Rose, and The Biggest Loser were not going to watch themselves, and so this blog found itself neglected.

There were other things going on . . . Sascha's wheezing and Caroline's croupy, I got my second and final filling, Caroline had her 3rd ortho appointment and got her semi-permanent retainer put in.

And I just realized that it's only Wednesday. So I guess I only skipped one day. Which should just prove to you how long this week has felt because I could have sworn it was at least Thursday and I had abandoned all 16 of you (yay! a new member brought us back up to 16!!) for several days.

Well never mind. Maybe you didn't even miss me. I just want to say, though, that I really do appreciate all your sweet comments about the blog. This is such fun for me--an outlet where I can preserve some memories for my sweet little 4 and maybe make you feel better about yourself (hahaha).

So, I will try to be back tomorrow, though I may convince myself it is next week. 

Which really goes to show that the Diet Dr. Pepper had NOTHING to do with my spacey, blonde antics. And when I first started typing that I thought it was a good thing, but now I realize I have nothing and no one to blame them on but myself. 

Oh well. I will probably forget to feel bad about it anyway.


  1. Glad it's not just me! I told David Monday at dinner that I was "Thursday tired." Already. Not good. It didn't really get better. I'm still "Thursday tired." :)

  2. i want you to know that i love reading this...can so relate to so much of it....i laugh so hard! you have a precious family and you are a great mom....thanks for sharing!!

  3. I second Laura Beth. Love the blog. Don't know how you keep it together with 4 kids as I sometimes come apart at the seams with just 2. Josh is a lucky man!