Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time really does fly

I so need to work on more clever titles . . . oh well.

I was searching through my photo archives for a specific picture which means I was going through them one by one . . . it is safe to say I got sidetracked a few times. Maybe even teared up a couple of times. Finally found the one I was looking for and then went back to looking back at the last 2 1/2 years of our life.

How can my sweet babies be growing up so fast?! I will admit there has been the occasional panic today wondering if I am cherishing them and this time enough?! Do they know how much I adore them?! Why does it feel like Caroline is going to graduate tomorrow?! How is it that Sascha is not still a nursing infant and Bo a sweet pacifier sucking toddler?! When did Tru turn into a boy, boy?!

Mainly, though, there is just sweet joy as I look over our completed family and wonder how I ever lived without them. (I do have vague memories of sleep and spur of the minute movies and far fewer groceries.)

Confession. Some days I want to run away for an extended vacation. Today, as I was changing Bo's underwear because he couldn't be bothered to stop playing to run to the bathroom and trying not to dry heave because it is so gross, I was not reveling in the glories of motherhood. You should also know that our too good to be true babysitter was here today and I got home at the beginning of nap time, so I have had enough "time off" today to appreciate them.

I just know that we are on the verge of new seasons with Caroline and I cannot believe it. I am aware that I am days away from the potty training adventure with Sascha which will usher in our first diaper free era in 9 years. Along with that comes the planning for her "big girl room" and a time not far off when we will also have a house without a crib for the first time ever (we bought our first house when I was about 36 weeks pregnant with Caroline). Bo doesn't nap anymore and Tru is really into Star Wars and Batman and toot noises and video games.

It's going so fast . . . even when it is going soooooooooooooooooo slooooooooooooow.

Here are a few of the pictures that spurred on this hormonal trip down memory lane . . . .

 night before Sascha is born
 September 17, 2008
 look how little the "BIG" sister is!
 Bo . . . not even 2 years old
 our first picture of all 6 of us

 Christmas 2008

 first day of school 2009 (K, 2nd)
 Christmas 2009
 Disney World
 first day of school 2010 (1st, 3rd)

 Granny's house
Christmas 2010


  1. Rachel...I love reading your blog and keeping up with you guys!! Can I go with you when you run away?? Richard has been gone since last Friday and we are just in survival mode right now. It is such an emotional roller coaster being a mom--you want them to grow-up and be able to do more "big kid" things, but then once they can you just want them to be little again. Like you, I hope my kids know how much I adore them and would never want to live life without them.
    Love your sweet family!!

  2. aww . . . Karen we miss you guys! my college roommate lives in mckinney . . . if you ever need insurance her family sells state farm there ;)