Monday, January 3, 2011


There are times when being a parent is a challenge. Sometimes it is the little things like potty training your 3rd child for the 3rd time. There have been really hard times too, like the 6 months Sascha had to pretty much stay home all the time because of asthma and chronic fevers and because she was at high risk for complications if she contracted H1N1. Or the time Caroline had to get an MRI to see if she had Spina bifida. Tru has kept us on our knees too with his own issues. But, I have been following an old friend's sister on Caringbridge, and can I just say that what she is enduring is truly challenging.

Morgan's little boy, Miles is this adorable little mess (he sounds a lot like Bo) who has been undergoing chemotherapy for around a year now. Here is her description of his illness from their caringbridge page:
"Miles was initially diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis type-1 at 10 months of age.  Through an MRI months later, we discovered tumors running along the nerves that connect his eyes to his brain (optic nerve gliomas).  Since these can potentially be non-threatening to NF-1 patients, we have continued to closely monitor his vision and the tumors to make sure Miles would remain in that category.  6 months later, the tumors have grown in size and location (growing towards the back side of his brain) and we are now aware that Miles won't remain unaffected by this condition.  Chemotherapy treatments start the week of his 2nd birthday and are set to continue for a full year, minimum.  Please join us in this journey ... which will require strength, hope and miles of perseverance .... all given from our Father and the people he has blessed us with."

Today, Miles was supposed to have an MRI to check the effectiveness of the chemo as well as look into some pain and "bumps" that he is experiencing on his back. Due to a play dough eating incident, the MRI had to be postponed, and sweet Morgan must continue the agonizing wait on his status. Morgan has amazed me . . . what is going on with Miles would be enough to send most of us into complete despair. She has leaned into God, though, and relied on Him in ways that most of us will never experience. As if Miles' situation wasn't enough, her husband unexpectedly passed away a couple of months ago and she is now also raising her 3 boys as a single mom. Again, that alone would be devastating. 

Widowed so early in life and caring for a sick child, yet Morgan praises her God. If anyone among us has cause to be bitter, it is her. But she is seeking the Lord and trusting His plan. Her last entry before the MRI had to be rescheduled, Morgan said that she would pray for good news but praise Him either way. If you think about this sweet family (the Covens), please pray for them. I have not seen Morgan (or her older sister) in years, but they are constantly on my heart and mind and prayers. If anyone deserves good news and a miracle, it is them. You can follow them here

Thanks for praying for them. It is so easy to get caught up in our own worlds and we all have legitimate struggles and from everything I have read from Morgan, I do not think she would suggest that her issues are more important to God than ours. It is good, however, to remember something my Granny once told me . . . in life, there will always be those who have it better, but you can be sure, there will also be people who have it worse.

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