Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I will try to be clever and funny and show cute pictures of my kids another day, but today I am burdened. I am sick about the state of marriages in our country. Marriage is hard. That's a big reason why we take vows. Most of the time you don't take a vow for the always easy, only fun stuff. I was at the gym on Saturday watching The Today Show while I ran and wanted to throw up when one of their "experts" told a viewer to go ahead and leave his wife and children because they would all be better off if he was happy. Are you kidding me? Why take a vow if you are going to back out of it because you don't like how it feels for a little while? And, by the way, that is not true. Those kids want their parents together. Even if they are fighting. What scares kids about fighting parents is that they might divorce.

There are 2 precious girls I am praying for and just so sad for because their husbands have decided that they don't love them anymore and are walking away from their marriages. These men are not worried about their kids (who are DEVASTATED) or their wives who are now feeling rejected and lonely and are raising their children alone. They are just selfish, selfish little boys doing what they want to do at that moment.

I know that marriage is hard work. Heaven knows that Josh and I have been through some hard stuff. But the consequences of walking away are even harder. And they don't just affect you. Those in churches are not doing any better at marriage than the unchurched, either, and that is not ok. We should be shining a light, calling others not to give up. If you think you are in a situation that isn't going to work, and I know there are some that are beyond repair, seek GODLY counsel. Seek that counsel earlier than later--think of it as going to the doctor before you need to be rushed to the ER. And, maybe, put some of that critical focus on yourself. I have been so convicted this year of how I am always "aware" of where Josh needs to work on himself and our marriage, but not so worried about my own issues. As God has turned a magnifying glass on me, I have had so much self-work to do that I have run out of time to "help" Josh. Would you believe me if I said we are both happier? It's true.

I saw this video on Kelly's Korner and loved it. I am a big Andrew Peterson fan and the bearded guy playing the guitar is a long time friend of mine named Andy Gullahorn.

Well, I am climbing off my soap box to go fix some dinner for the fam. Thanks for giving me a venue to vent.

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  1. Hey Rachel, I saw a link you posted on fb. Sorry your little girl is not feeling well. :-( Hope she feels better soon.

    I like this post about marriage--amen!

    Also, I absolutely love that Andrew Peterson song. It's beautiful in every way! lyrics and melody.

    Have a great day, Rachel! Great to reconnect with you via your blog. Take care, Abbie