Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little window . . .

Sometimes people ask me what I do all day . . . you know, since I don't work . . . (pause for throat clearing). Maybe one day I will do a day in the life of post--not because I am bitter, I actually do enjoy "not working" and being with my kids full time, but because given the amount of Diet Dr. Pepper that I drink, one day I may not remember myself.

Here is a little window, however, into my day. While this exact scenario does not happen EVERYDAY, it is not an unusual 30 minutes . . . go in to get Sascha up from her nap to find that she has taken off her diaper at some point during the 2 hours and peed EVERYWHERE . . . take off her sheets and throw them in the washing machine . . . load up the car to go pick up Caroline and Tru from the bus stop . . . while at the bus stop Bo does the pee pee dance and asks if he can go in the grass. Since it is 28 degrees, although I was curious about whether or not it would freeze in the air, I suggest that he go in my Chik-Fil-A cup (insert alternate version of Bible verse . . . greater love hath no mom for her child (and a suburban that doesn't smell like pee) than she pour out her DDP with pellet ice). Ahh, the glamorous life I lead . . . oh, and just so you don't worry, I poured the cup out immediately . . . can you imagine much worse than thinking someone left you a little bit of that yummy Chik-Fil-A lemonade, only to find out . . . well, you get the picture. 

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