Monday, January 10, 2011

Dashing through the snow . . .

This year, at the risk of jinxing the snow for all of Little Rock, I planned ahead and got extra snow clothes, gloves, and hats. We have had a nice little rotation of outdoor fun, hot chocolate, and more outdoor fun! All four of the kids are loving the snow and our sweet neighbor friend Emily has joined us as well. We've sledded, had snow ball wars, eaten snow, and built an adorable snow man Emily called "Mr. Snowman, ooh, ooh, ooh!! OR FROSTY! WE COULD NAME HIM FROSTY!!" We all ADORE Em. Inside there have been some board games and card game activities and tonight we plan to eat some soup with the Matsons, watch a little college football . . . and as much as it pains me to say it . . . cheer for Auburn because we SECers have to stick together.

Here are some pictures from a wonderfully, fun day. I need a nap . . . dragging Sascha up and down the hill in her box has worn me out!!

 Ready for the fun

 She had more layers than the little brother in The Christmas Story

 Sascha's box . . . trashbag taped to the bottom of it and Tate's leash fastened on front

 Our across the street neighbors had the perfect sledding driveway

 Sweet Emily

 It was all the kids vs Josh in a snowball war

 He was tough to beat even if you retreated into the garage

 Tru jumped until his pants fell down

 Bo had some serious snowball moves

 sigh . . . she's so big!

 even Tate had fun!

 Mr. Snowman

or Frosty . . . take your pick

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