Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick Sassy

Is their anything sweeter and cuter and more pitiful than a sick baby girl sleeping? 

Sascha, or Sassy as we occasionally call her, threw up night before last (of course Josh was out of town) and then proceeded to jump on my bed and laugh for the next 5 hours before taking a short nap and waking up saying, "My eya hers" (My ear hurts.) She never got sick again or ran fever. She had some flushed cheeks last night but no other rashes. When she woke up this morning she was a pitiful mess. She cried in my arms for about 20 minutes before I put her in the bathtub (considered a magical fix in our house).

She has perked up and is eating crackers and coloring and watching Toy Story 3 for about the 5th time in 2 days.

We are crossing our fingers and spraying some Lysol in hopes that she is an isolated case. (And i am hoping even more that she feels up to getting into trouble tomorrow!)

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