Friday, January 14, 2011

Real Superheroes

Josh and I walked into our room one day to find this . . . 

It was so cute to see Bo dressing up in Daddy's jeans! Before having kids, I can remember seeing kids running around in costumes at Kroger or Target or church and thinking how stinkin' adorable it was. I vowed that if my future kids wanted to wear their cowboy boots everywhere . . . so be it . . . tutu with everything . . . adorable! . . . Superman as my constant companion . . . bring it on! 

So far, they seem pretty content to be themselves when we leave the house. That's a good thing too. Caroline did go through a very short phase when we had to bring her little shopping cart with us to Target and she wore dress up heels. But it was over as soon as it began.

I have discovered, however, that even when they don't dress up, they mimic and they want someone to emulate. Oh, Lord, if it is me, let me be nice that day. I am serious. You can't fool kids . . . especially your own. They are looking for heroes, for examples, for someone to pattern after. So my prayer is that I will imitate the One I hope they will grow to know and be like.

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