Friday, February 18, 2011


I ended up at the University of Georgia because I wanted the big state school experience without repeating high school (a lot of people went to U of A). My sister lived in Atlanta, so I had family close when I needed it. I love me some bulldawgs! There is NOTHING better than a Saturday between the hedges. (For those of you not familiar with SEC football, that's how we refer to our home field.) The downtown area could not have been cuter or more fun! Shopping, restaurants, and even some dancing! And, of course, you can't top the fact that I met my hubby there! Just wanted to add my shout out to Kelly's SUYL--college alumni. (I have no pictures because I don't know how to scan them in.)


  1. saw your blog through Kelly's Korner. I went to UGA for the same reason, except I was from Atlanta. I thought there were enough people I wouldn't run into everyone from highschool. Go Dawgs!:)

  2. I'm a fellow UGA alum and just wanted to say hey! We'll just hope that next year's football is a little better than this year, right? :)

  3. gotta believe the dawgs will have a better year and win their bowl game next season!!