Thursday, February 24, 2011


Two days ago my sweet, romantic eldest daughter came up with her first fantasy proposal.  If you are a girl, you totally know about the fantasy proposal.  We dream of being cared for and adored and look forward to that day when our prince will drop to one knee and give us a ring. Hers, at this point, is a faceless fiance. I can say this with confidence because right now, and hopefully for a long time, she tells me stuff. In this dream proposal, she had graduated from college (amen) and so had he (yes and yes!!) and they were on a big trip scuba diving to celebrate (I am assuming that we were there too, because at this point in her sweet 8 years she cannot imagine a time we wouldn't all be together.). While underwater admiring the oceanic life, dream boy holds up a sign that says, "Will you marry me?" and she and her mask nod! (I like this scenario because it would prevent some immediate making out! hahaha)

Well I got my fantasy proposal 12 years ago and then my dream wedding and the 4 kids I had always imagined. So I am now fantasizing about what my life will look like if and when I have to (I mean, get to) work outside of our little abode. Hmmmm . . . testing out mattresses, working as a Diet Dr. Pepper connoisseur, being forced to wear the latest fashions and get paid for walking around Target in them. Do any of these jobs exist? No? Shoot.

I really don't know what I will do in real life, but I do know I would love to replace Regis on Live with Regis and Kelly. In my fantasy world, she and I would be BFF and have the best time talking pop culture and kids and then I would fly back to LR on my private jet and be home when the bus dropped off the kiddies. Hey, it's my FANTASY so it could TOTALLY happen.

By the way, I have changed my comment settings so anyone can comment without registering. Sorry, I am a blog novice and an internet idiot; I had no idea my blog was being snobby!!

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