Thursday, February 10, 2011


Can I say something that I know will make me sound weird (and I am sure I am one of like 2 people in Little Rock who feel this way)? I like the snow. I like hunkering down in our house with a fire and the blinds open so we can see the beautiful snow falling. I like movie marathons and not setting the alarm. I have not gotten tired of seeing Sascha lay prostrate on the ground so she can eat the snow because her poor hands are useless thanks to layering and gloves. I am a little concerned about the fact that school may never end this summer, but the rest of it I am fine with. (Well, I guess if it made me miss something I really wanted to do I might be mildly irritated with the weather, but in general I am prosnow.)

Amongst all the comments I have heard regarding Winter Storm 2011, I think the funniest came from Lisa Fischer who called this weather event "Snoprah" . . . and then did her best Oprah impression "Snow for you and snow for you and snow for you!!"

Alas. Tomorrow, temperatures will begin rising and I am betting that this will be the last of the winter weather we get for this year. So I will post these pictures with a twinge of sadness . . .

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