Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here are a few confessions I feel the need to get off my chest . . . please don't judge me

#1 - I love The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser. I love them. I could go without television every other moment of the week, but do not take these from me. The Bachelor is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I am fairly certain that Brad will choose someone this season because he enjoys breathing. I am equally certain that they will never spend a single Christmas together. I would love to chalk it up to the interpersonal scholar in me . . . like somehow my post-graduate studies in Interpersonal Communication excuses my moral obligation to turn that junk off, but the truth is, it's just really good bad television.

As for The Biggest Loser . . . I am inspired and touched every week. AND thanks to the trainer's tips, I have discovered that I love sugar free Jello and Extra Bubblegum. Seriously, though, the transformations inside and out of the contestants is unbelievable. (And it's nice to see the soft side of Sammy Brady; after years of manipulating and scheming, Allie Sweeney has to enjoy being the nice one.)

#2 - Sometimes after I get home from working out in the morning, I wake Caroline up for her shower and then go back to bed for 20 minutes. I choose not to take advantage of the fact that I am awake . . . wide awake . . . and I lay back down. (Fact: It is always harder to get up the SECOND time, but I can't stop myself.)

#3 - My 2 and 4 year old love Diet Coke and have been known to utter the phrase, "Mommy, I NEED a Diet Coke." Am I proud? Am I worried? A little of both.

#4 - I spray tan as often as my budget allows. My friend, Mandy, has a set up under her house and I now believe and preach the theory that everything looks better tan.

#5 - I can leave my children at my house with babysitters or my parents or Josh and give them almost no thought or worry at all, but once they leave our property, I obsess over their safety, well being, health, and happiness. Apparently I believe that I have built a fortress at home where they are untouchable. I wonder if I have control issues? Hmm.....


  1. Rachel, if it makes you feel better I can relate. I like those shows too. I tried to run on my treadmill while watching Biggest Loser. I keep thinking if those 300lb people can do so can I! Yes, the Bachelor is a slow train wreck. I know it's ridiculous but I want to watch. I've missed this season and will have to watch it online sometime. I drink real coke or cherry coke instead of diet which is tricky with the calories so I've weaned myself down to the mini cans! I've never tried spray tanning but have wanted to. Our weather is pretty much amazing here so it's only for about 3 months a year that I'm not tan. :) I miss you friend!