Friday, February 4, 2011

Mo snow

I love snow. I love watching it fall; I love how beautiful it is on the trees and rooftops. I would normally be so excited that my phone received a text message at 4:30 this morning saying school was cancelled because of inclimate weather. But today I am disappointed because Josh and I were supposed to go on a community group retreat this weekend to Mt. Magazine. I had REALLY been looking forward to a couple of days away with good friends playing games and snacking.

Now, instead of packing for an excursion, I am sitting on the couch watching Minute to Win It and eating take and bake pizza. The kids and I had a great day . . . there wasn't enough snow in Little Rock to really play out in it so we enjoyed a day inside watching Despicable Me (Single-Disc Edition), playing Mario Kart, building Legos, catching up on laundry . . . but I am still disappointed.

Oh well.

There was enough snow on our driveway for Tru to make a snow angel...

The weather dudes say we have 2 more snow systems coming between now and Wednesday. . . what the heck?

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  1. I'm sorry about your retreat. :(

    I was so shocked when my neighbor sent me a text about 7 to ask if I'd heard about school being canceled! I was about to load everyone up for carpool! I'm soooo anxious for spring!