Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I got no title, just a small story

Sascha woke up on the, shall we say, opinionated side of the crib this morning. Most of her responses to me today have come with a little stomp of her foot, and while I have tried to address each instance of disrespect, a few may have slid by in my post-flu fatigue.

There was one instance at lunch that I did put my own foot down about. After lovingly and painstakingly preparing her lunch and placing it on a Buzz Lightyear tray and not even attempting to put her in her high chair, but instead offering her a seat in a big chair, that little darling had the nerve to pick up all of her Goldfish (in protest of not being given the bag) and yell, "NO, NO, NO!!!" as she threw them on the ground.

There was some discipline. There were some tears. (All hers, I am too tired to cry.) There was some redemption. And then I started thinking.

I started thinking about how fun it would be to watch her try and throw her food from one of those new-fangled bowls I saw advertised that swear they WILL NOT spill.

Sweet Bo could use one too. I cannot tell you how many times I put a snack in a bowl for him, turn around to put up the box and hear him say, "Oh, Mommy, I so sorry!" and see said snack all over the floor or couch or stairs.

Have you seen these things?

In the words of my mother-in-law, "Now why didn't we think of that?"

She and I are always trying to come up with some million dollar idea. So far, I got nothin'.

She's got something, but I can't tell you what because one of you might be smart enough to invent it before we do.

Anywho . . . Sascha is currently happy and content. Given the events of the day, I do not expect this time to last long, so I think I will go enjoy it while I can.

By the way . . .  have any of you bought a Gyro Bowl? Do they really work?

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