Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tru week continues

Well last week I felt bad because I didn't really have any Tru posts or pictures. I guess I am making up for it this week. Who knew I could drag my motherhood guilt all the way into the blogging world?!

Today was the 100th day of school. The kids had the option of dressing like 100 year old people. Caroline choose not to because she is "too old" . . . I left that alone. But really? Too old at 8 to be 100? Anyway. Tru loves any chance he gets to be funny and this is how he went to school today-

I like that the glasses are crooked . . . it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to his ensemble. The cane squeaked when he walked his hobbled little walk.

Around 1:30 my phone rang and the school nurse's number popped up on caller id. I assumed it was Caroline because I get a call about every other week from the nurse regarding some ailment Caroline has. But this time, the nurse asked if she speaking to the mother of Thomas Bass. I understood her confusion. I imagined her thinking, "I know this number, but Thomas is not ringing a bell."

I said yes she was and she proceeded to try and explain to me that Tru had been hit in the head with a board. She was unclear on how but thought I should know that he was going to have a pretty good bruise on his head and that I might want to come get him.

I did. Apparently, there was a mishap during a stacking exercise and a plywood game board and his head met in an unfortunate way. I don't doubt it. That boy has had more head injuries than anyone I know. I would say he was destined to be an NFL quarterback, but I witnessed his flag football season as quarterback and unless they are paying players in Krispy Kreme donuts these days and games are always less than an hour, he is out.

The most amusing part of the entire thing was the sticker they had him wear.

Just in case you can't read it, it says, "Please watch me, I BUMPED MY HEAD!"

He really is fine. Don't be alarmed by his eyes. I told him to look sad for the picture.

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  1. Where do you get those stickers? We could use a roll of them as Winlon bangs his head at least 3 times per week!!