Thursday, February 17, 2011

Casanova goes dancing

Tru's 1st grade teacher has a Valentine's tradition. She teaches her students a simple ballroom type dance and then they have a very special, fancy Valentine's party with a chocolate fountain where they are all dressed up. She warned us that it would make us a little emotional to watch, and dadgum it, I teared up while they were dancing and I did it again while I was typing this. It is a very sweet thing to watch your son be a gentleman.

Here he is with his sweet dance partner, Julia.

Here they are dancing

And after the dancing, he had worked up an appetite for some marshmallows and chocolate

He really is just a sweet heart. He sucked it up to, because he usually gets so embarrassed to do things like dance or sing in front of people and today he held his head high and danced and danced. And stole my heart again.

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