Monday, February 7, 2011

A few important notes . . .

Dear Fox . . . If you can air a commercial where Eminem cusses during one of the earliest commercial breaks, while the little kids are still up, then you can run a commercial where people talk about John 3:16. 

Dear Stomach Bug . . . You have overstayed your welcome. Actually, you were never welcome. Please leave immediately and take ALL of your belongings. Thanks, The Bass Family

Dear Bo . . . Please lift the seat up to tinkle and put it down to poop . . . not the other way around. Love, your Mommy

Dear Little Rock School District . . . Maybe it's time to build some snow days into the calendar. Just saying.

Dear Josh . . . Thanks for letting me run away for a little while yesterday. See, I came back!! You were so nice to me all day and I needed it. I love you, Rachel

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