Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweetness and savings

Tomorrow is Bo's 5th birthday. (Although, because he celebrated it at school on Thursday, he is convinced he is already 5 and if you try to correct him, he says, "But I have the crown!" This adorable red construction paper crown with a glitter 5 on it made by his teachers now carries more credibility with him than his own birth certificate.)

Anyway, I digress. For the last several weeks, he has kept the same birthday wish list:
1) a pretend turtle like Hendrix (his cousin)
2) black Batman with a black cape (because Tate ate his old one)
3) a Team Umi Zoomi t-shirt (which they don't make ANYWHERE)
4) bunk the beds

I love his simplicity and consistency.

Saturday, we bunked the beds and he climbed in and went to sleep while the rest of us were upstairs.



too excited to wait

Then, yesterday, with a little direction from Aunt Linda about where I could find the turtle, I set out to do some speed shopping. I had just about an hour to get it all done.

First stop--Toys-R-Us . . . they had ONE turtle left, buried in the wrong bin, but this determined Mommy looked in all of them . . . $3.23

Next--Kohl's . . . black Batman WITH 2 batarangs and a motorcycle (also hidden in the back of the shelf) . . . $6.49

Finally--Target . . . Iron-on transfer paper, a white t-shirt, and (what the heck) some Spider-Man gloves as a surprise . . . $18.02

Since I'm not charging for the time it will take me to make his Team Umi Zoomi shirt using the iron-on paper, this precious little booger's grand birthday total (with an extra present thrown in) was $27.74 and I knocked it out in less than an hour.

And he will be happier tomorrow than any other kid would be over an X-Box.

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  1. Stephanie HutchinsonOctober 24, 2011 at 9:10 AM

    I love it! The bunk beds look great - and I bet they love having all the extra room to play! Tell him Happy Belated Birthday from the Hutchies since apparently we missed his "real" birthday on Thursday! :) Love you!