Thursday, October 20, 2011

Snuggles all around

Josh has been out of town this week and usually this means by the end of his travels, I am worn out and ready for a little break. Some alone time, if you will, where NO ONE IS TOUCHING ME.

This week, however, I have prayed for patience and a real enjoyment of my kids even if I am tired. And what do ya know? It's been working! 

Last night I let Caroline sleep with me and she wanted to go to sleep cuddled up next to me, holding my hand. I melted. (Unusual for me--I am more of a "let's stay on our side of the bed" kind of girl by the end of the day. Sweet, I know) I kept thinking that these days of her wanting to snuggle with me and tell me everything are surely getting shorter. We laid in my bed for 2 hours awake giggling, watching TV, and talking. I would love to freeze her right now--old enough to hang out with, young enough that she still wants to hang out with me.

This morning, Bo and Sascha were so content to burrow under a blanket with me and watch Dora. No fighting, no squirming, just cuddles and hugs and a few giggles. My heart felt so full. I know that's cheesy, but some days with 4 kids leave my heart less than full. (Probably my fault and not theirs, but that's just the truth.) I almost cried when Bo insisted on carrying his birthday cupcakes into school all by himself because he "is sooo strong, Mommy!" And I didn't even mind that Sascha's ear ache and cough led me to cancel her time with our sitter so we could stay home. She just wanted me to hold her. How can I pass that up? In a couple of years she'll be in school and I will find myself with a disturbing amount of alone time. 

Sweet Tru has a field trip tomorrow. In the past, I couldn't go with him on field trips because he flipped out when they were over and I left. He's grown up a lot and I feel comfortable going and leaving. They are going to see Rock and Roll Cinderella and the parent ticket cost $10. I don't know how Tru knew that, but when I told him I was chaperoning his class, he threw his arms around me and said, "MOMMY! THANK YOU FOR PAYING $10 MORE SO YOU CAN BE WITH ME!" I hadn't thought twice about it, but at that moment, I would have paid 10x that amount for all it meant to him.

My babies are sweet and I am so thankful that as we near the end of our time alone, we can just look forward to seeing Daddy--as opposed to "Oh, thank goodness he is home because Mommy was about to LOSE it!"

Now this little yummy is tapping my shoulder for some attention and I am going to give it to her

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  1. Such a sweet post! I sometimes lose it after a few days alone with just 2 so you are waaaay impressive to me!