Monday, October 10, 2011

Just love my boogers

We are (no surprise) on repeat issues here at Casa Bass . . . instilling new chore/responsibility/expectations and taking care of legitimately sick kiddos leaves me drawing a blank on a new mommy monday topic. So instead, here are a few thoughts, observations, and moments from this morning:

Bo and Sascha have great imaginations. They can play with anything, anywhere. Right now, they are playing either Ni Hao Kai Lan or Yo Gabba Gabba with their food. And eating the characters. Sascha just said, "Oh no, Rintoo just went into Shasha's mouf!"

Tru and Sascha both woke up croupy/coughy/snotty. Tru has been an excellent snuggler, and unlike faking sick Tru, is extremely low maintenance.

Sascha just ran all out (naked) to the bathroom to go peepee and wiped out (think Carrie on the Little House on the Prairie intro). I heard thud thud thud splat and then saw her little blond head pop up "I otay! I otay!!"

Bo is walking around with his muscley Spiderman costume under his clothes. He looks freakishly built. Like that little weight lifting kid that made all the talk show rounds a few years back.

I am caught in this wonderfully bittersweet world with Caroline where she is growing up and I am enjoying it despite my sadness that she is growing up. Little things like her saying, "I mean, Mommy, I tell you EVERYTHING!" melt me and give me a little grace for when she rolls her eyes and acts like a teenager. Or looking over on the occasional ride to school when I let her sit up front and thinking how fun it keeps getting even though I grieve the very idea of the day when I am car seatless.

Today, my productivity around the house is a little slower thanks to the sweet little people and I am not minding it a bit because they are precious and the moments are fleeting.

At least I feel that way right now. Check in with me around 6:30 when we are all anxiously awaiting Josh/Daddy and dinner and I am counting down til baths and bed.

I'll still love them, but I will love the idea of them even more while they sleep. Which must be how we wake up the next morning with clean slates.

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