Friday, October 21, 2011

Note to self

Here is a little tip I plan to take to heart . . .

Wait until the end of the day to post such sentimental drivel . . . ok, maybe that's a little strong, but my ooey-gooey love fest with the kids ended at approximately 5:06 when Sascha refused to obey for the next 1.5 hours while in a very public place and then my 2 older kids spent from 7:30-8:30 fixated on the ONE THING that wasn't fabulous about their afternoon and evening. (For Caroline, it was NOT being allowed to make her brother and his friend watch what she wanted to when she was supposed to be leaving them alone in the first place. Tru had a meltdown over my request that he shower. Personal hygiene is viewed as abuse to 7 year old boys.)

Still love them. Still had a great week. Still think it was due to the prayers. Still gonna wait til the end of the day next time.

Happy Friday.

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