Monday, October 17, 2011

Oh, Sascha

The following conversation occurred between Sascha and I today after I found fresh "tattoos" on her arms and feet:

Me: Sascha, bring Mommy the marker you are using to write on yourself.

Sascha: Don't want to.

Me: Sascha Jane, bring Mommy the marker or you will get a spank for disobeying.

Sascha: Awwww right. (turns and walks a few steps, then comes back) Can't get marter.

Me: Why not?

Sascha: Cause it gone. It flied away.

Me: Sash, markers can't fly.

Sascha: Yeah, they can. It went outside and flied away.

FYI, creative lying gets you in a little less trouble around here. Not much, but a little.

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