Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A few facts

#1- I am officially dissolving Mommy Monday . . . if I have a mommy topic, I will address it no matter what the weekday, but feeling like I needed to come up with something mommy related was creating mild anxiety for me starting Sunday afternoon. (Draw your own conclusions about how I put too much importance on self-imposed topics for 20-something people who may or may not even read it or care.)

#2- Bo informed me Monday that you can only have a cough when you are "yittle". I wish that someone had told me that last February when I coughed til I puked at a wedding.

#3- Tru likes to play the "try and hold it all day" game with himself at school. Apparently, this is where you don't use the bathroom all day and then on the way home nearly come out of your skin trying not to pee your pants, hoping that Mommy doesn't hit too many bumps or take too long turning the alarm off when you get there.

#4- Last week, Bo had to sit in time out at school. When I asked him why, he said he didn't know, but that it was NOT because he hit Jenna. (Sorry, Ronnie. We are working on the whole not hitting girls thing.)

#5- Sascha played at a friends house last week and told me while she was there (and I quote):
"I tried (cried), Mollie Tate tried (cried). We tried todedder (cried together). Den Mrs. Amy make me feel better. I know Mrs. Amy. She my udder best friend. You my best friend, too, Mommy."

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  1. I like that you had to officially dissolve Mommy Monday. You can't be tied down! haha. Also we are starting to potty train W and he is doing the "hold it all day" at school and then pee in the car maneuver. I don't think this child will ever pee in a potty. UGH!!