Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just a quick one

I'll be back soon with a birthday and halloween recap. (hopefully with pics since Josh has cleared up some space on our computer!!)

but for today, i have two quick things for you . . .

first of all . . . jessica simpson and kim kardashian leave me speechless. according to one website, jessica has been "hiding" her pregnancy while waiting for some magazine or entertainment source to pay her to announce that she is prego. that poor baby. looks like jess is taking a play from the joe simpson parenting book on how to make money off your kid. and then 72 days?! let's break that down monetarily . . . $10 million wedding divided by 72 days = $138,888.89/day. who knew anything could be more outlandish than that wedding?!?!?!?!

and in the REAL world, please click this link and vote for Josh's elementary school. his mom is still a teacher there and it would be so cool if they won the Glee save the music contest. voting ends on november 7th!

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