Friday, November 25, 2011

woo. pig. sooie. (pleeeeeeeease)

i am as nervous as if i was playing the dadburn game myself.

today the #3 arkansas razorbacks take on the #1 lsu tigers.

i am giddy and nauseous.

never, since the 1969 game between arkansas and texas, has so much been riding on 4 quarters of football for our little piggies.

we plan to watch it with my parents and aunt and uncle and cousins, but we are all sooooo superstitious that if the game seems to head south, we will all run for our respective homes and sit in our usual seats in an effort to help those hogs demolish the tigers.

oh my gosh. i cannot wait for the game, and yet, i fear it's commencement.

can we all pause a moment for a piggie prayer?


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