Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you know the way to San Jose (lalalalalalala)

Can you name that movie? My Best Friends Wedding . . . the two "classy" cousins from Nashville sing that line?

I was singing it off and on all weekend because . . . Josh and I enjoyed a WONDERFUL weekend in the Bay Area of California. (I also serenaded him with other Bay related songs all weekend. I'm not sure he enjoyed it as much as I did, but they made me giggle.)

Here we are our first night there

I wish we looked like we were having fun . . . hahaha

We were a bit on the frigid side; one, because it was cold and the wind coming off the bay made it really cold, and two, because we were watching these jokers surf in the FREEZING COLD Pacific Ocean and just the thought of it made us shudder

The waves were INCREDIBLE! Seriously. That man in the picture is standing up and the wave is TOWERING over him as he surfs. It's crazy and beautiful and exciting and, well, mainly it's crazy!

Before dinner (yummy, healthy, delicious, fresh seafood dinner), we got to see these cute little buddies.

In actuality, they are neither cute or little, but they are so ugly and loud and smelly that they manage to pull off adorable. I am in love with sea lions. They heft themselves up onto the docks and snuggle up to each other to stay warm and sleep. They fuss at each other, too. And they reminded me a little bit of my own crew of wild animals when they have croup with their barky yelps.

We hit some San Fran hot spots on Saturday

 Alcatraz and China Town (not pictured)

The Golden Gate Bridge (a major accomplishment for a bridge-a-phobic)

The Full House house (hey, I'm a child of the 80's, it's a hotspot)

But, the REAL highlight of the trip was getting to hang out with our very missed friends, the Lundys

We got to spend Friday night as couples and caught up on life and laughed a lot. Like, my stomach hurt and I almost spit my drink out twice kind of laughing. Tim and Lea are dear friends that we met almost 10 years ago. We have walked through so much together and have birthed a small litter of kids between the 2 couples. They are precious people who mean so much to Josh and I. In August, they loaded their family up and moved to California to bless a whole 'nother slew of people. We are all very jealous and sad that they aren't here, but so proud of them. It was such a treat to be with them for an entire weekend and so bittersweet to spend all of Saturday with their kids as well. 3 sets of our kids are very close in age, especially Kent and Tru, who are just a few days apart and the best of friends. I felt guilty getting to see him without Tru.

It was an AMAZING weekend and with each flight closer to home, I grieved the loss of them a little more. I guess we will just have to go back and visit again soon. Darn.

My sweet parents kept our kids all weekend. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! When I got home, I was bombarded by hugs and a welcome home sign, clean clothes and bathed kids. Not a bad way to end a great weekend.

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  1. What a fun trip! I LOVE San Francisco. Love it. Have never eaten better food in my life! Also love that you saw the Full House house. Totally iconic! haha!