Monday, November 14, 2011

Weddings and Whirlwinds

Wow. I. Am. Tired.

And happy.

And really tired.

Let me back up to last Sunday when I flew back from San Jose. Did I mention that I flew back alone? I didn't think so. You know how I am superstitious about stuff like mentioning that we are out of town or that I am here alone with the 4 kids. So, now, let me tell you the real stories of last week and explain why I haven't posted since Tuesday.

Josh had a week's worth of training in San Diego immediately following our weekend jaunt to the Bay Area. So I flew back half way across the country alone to start my week as a temporary single mom of 4. (Can I be honest and say minus the inconvenience it would have caused my parents who were keeping our kids, a missed flight in Phoenix resulting in a night alone there would NOT have hurt my feelings.) But, alas, all flights were made and I got back around 8 pm Sunday night. Thanks to the time change and the time zone change, sleep and I were not friends Sunday night and my week got off to a groggy start.

Groggy this week was no good because, and I will type this in a manner that I hope conveys the madness and non-stopness (yes, I know that is not technically a word) of our week, it consisted of . . .
catch up from weekend, laundry, babysitter, cooking class, luncheon, drop off at dance, thunderstorm that freaks out kids, pick up from dance, Bible Study, find outfit, take Tate to board, dance, golf, and meanwhile PACK, PACK, PACK, CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, make lists, check lists, give Sascha medicine for the cough that will NOT stop and also will NOT let either her or myself sleep, load car, check lists again, shower (I did do that more than once), wake kids up at the crack of dawn, load kids, leave for Nashville at 5:30 in the morning because . . .


As is (apparently) the tradition, Josh's out of town training requires him to fly into whatever city his sibling is getting married in and allows me the opportunity to pack for all of us and get us there.

But I like a challenge. I do. I like looking at a week like last week when there was barely enough time to even make a list, much less accomplish it, and, in the words of Larry the Cable Guy, "get 'er done."

Wednesday morning, with our car loaded up with 2 flower girls, 2 ring bearers, a friend, and enough luggage to make a Kardashian blush, we headed east for the long anticipated wedding of Josh's brother.

Here we are at Chik-Fil-A on the Nashville side of Memphis around 8:30 in the morning.

Let's just say, when we left, everyone at CFA was more awake. (And Sascha was sitting with me.)

We got to Nashvegas around 11:30 and I showed the kids some of my favorite spots on the way to meet Maggie's grandparents at Belmont. After we successfully passed her off to Mama Gail and Daddy Ron, I continued my little tour of Nashville with commentary and memories and excitement until a chorus of little voices in the backseat begged for food. So I did what any tired mom with 4 kids would do in a city full of delicious and unique lunch spots . . . I drove through Sonic.

We headed out to our hotel to unload our stuff and as we pulled into the little drive through, I remembered that I had a CAR FULL OF KIDS AND LUGGAGE AND NO OTHER ADULT.

So I checked in, grabbed a luggage cart, and sang my usual girl power song . . . "I'm Every Woman"

And somehow, thank the Lord, all our stuff made it on one cart, nothing fell, and no children were lost in the process.

Now the fun could begin. We saw my cousins in Franklin and their 3 kids and then headed downtown to eat some dinner at The Wildhorse Salon

Here's the groom with a cute little guy I may or may have not mentioned being absolutely gaga for . . . my sweet wittle nephew John Tyler.

The rest of the weekend was fast and furious and fun! (Except poor Josh flying all night--literally--to get to Nashville at 8:30 in the morning and then being on a conference call til 3) I saw a college friend, Jill, for exactly 8 minutes and we concluded that we look exactly like we did 16 years ago (I would add that I have fewer eyebrows . . . I went through a muppet stage my freshman year). We rehearsed, we ate, we teared up, we laughed and before we knew it, it was time for the real deal Saturday morning.

The wedding was so sweet and beautiful. I decided Rustic Elegance best summed it up. It was outside at a farm and the views were amazing. Her colors were purple with splashes of orange and green and it was all gorgeous and fall themed.

Of course, I was overcome by the cuteness of our 4 little wedding partiers, but also I was terrified that Sascha might ruin the whole event. She sort-of refused to rehearse Friday night and may or may not have wailed for a while afterwards. To say she was a diva is to put it mildly, but prayer works and with the help of Map and Backpack from Dora, our little flower girl went to find Aunt Megan. We actually did our own mini-episode of Dora right there at Legacy Farms . . . fountains, aisle, Aunt Megan (all while looking at the map that came with her backpack), say it with me, "fountains, aisle, Aunt Megan!" And holy smokes, it worked! She walked past the fountain, down the aisle, and ran to Aunt Megan.

(Then she threw her basket at Aunt Megan and ran to Grandpa. But that is neither here nor there.)

Sara and Jase, congratulations! We love you both and hope you have a very long, very happy marriage! Welcome to the Bass fam, Sara, we are a crazy bunch, but we laugh a lot.

Adorable and well-behaved ring bearers

 the beautiful (non-diva) flower girl

The boys with their new AUNT SARA!

 Dora/Sascha checking out her pack-pack

 Aunt Megan and Sascha

 I just love this pic. The grounds were beautiful and Sascha ran all over them during the reception.

Until she collapsed from exhaustion on the floor

Did I mention the cutest baby in the world was there? He yuvs his Aunt Rachel.

We zoomed home yesterday so Caroline could make it to ballet and I could make it to my girls' study. The weekend was a whirlwind, but it was great to see family, especially some of Josh's aunts and uncles and cousins that we don't see enough. My parents were amazingly kind and helpful and drove down Friday to attend the festivities and be our backup for Bo and Sascha. I am so thankful for that. Today, I am washing load upon load of laundry and thankful that Josh is home and that Grandpa solved Sashca's sleeping dilemma (apparently, it helps if the cough medicine you give her at bedtime is NOT a stimulant!).

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