Friday, November 18, 2011

I am TWI-ing hard to stay awake

Well, this may be the end of it for some of you. I am about to share a piece of my life that may send you running, but if this blog is to be a place where I feel free to be me . . .

Yesterday, I hired a babysitter (until Josh could get home around 5) and met 10 friends at the movie theatre.

Hang on. There is SO MUCH MORE.

I met them there a little after 3 in the afternoon.

I ate dinner there with said friends.

I got home from the movie theatre a little before 3 in the morning.

That's right. I spent 12 hours with my darling friends reliving the first 3 Twilight movies and joyfully, perhaps slightly tearfully, reveling in Breaking Dawn (part 1).

And, ya'll, it was the best. night.

Let's just cover the basics:
1) 10 friends (0 children)
3) popcorn, sweedish fish, yogurt covered raisins, and Chik-Fil-A
4) FREE REFILLS OF DIET COKE IN MY SOUVENIR CUP (which became very important about 4 hours into the marathon!!)
5) 10 friends (0 children)
6) 10 hours of Edward, Jacob and Bella
7) 10 hours of the whole Cullen clan and Charlie Swan
8) Twilight
9) New Moon
10) Eclispse

Do I even need to keep on or are you already dying of jealousy?

I have to admit that I am oddly sad that the event is over . . . kind of like the day after prom . . . tired, great memories, but what is there to look forward to now? (I know, I know, Thanksgiving, Christmas, yadda, yadda, yadda.)

I have great pics to show you, but the computer has decided it is not going to let me share them, so check out my facebook page instead to see them.

Ok, I'm going to ingest some more caffeine to try to stay awake after getting 3 1/2 hours of sleep, listen to the song A Thousand Nights (again), check the movie times to see when I can see it again and try to set up a countdown calendar for Breaking Dawn (part 2), due out November 16, 2012.  - sooooo happy

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  1. Wait. Your movie theater did a marathon of all the movies and THEN played the new one?!? I would have FLOWN TO ARKANSAS had I known this existed!!