Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Let's face it, 35 is young. I mean, maybe to someone who is 16 it sounds ancient, but really, 35 is young. Not even mid-life (Lord willing). It is older than 30 and 25 though, and while we are facing things, I might as well own up to a few things that being older brings . . . a few lines on my face, a slower metabolism, less energy (really, how did any of us survive college on that little sleep and awful food?), phrases that I never thought I would use ("I can't understand that music and it is too loud!"), no one asks for my driver's license anymore (excuse me, you should!), kids that I babysat from birth are getting married, I know someone who knows someone who is a grandma at my age (do the math, it's possible), and I could go on and on.

I feel so grateful, though, for the 35 years I have had, for the blessings I am overwhelmed with, for the support and love I receive when the blessings are struggles. So, here, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, are 35 things I am thankful for.

1. Josh
2. My kids (I did debate cheating and using 4 spots.)
3. My parents
4. Josh's parents
5. The rest of our family . . . siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, the whole kit and kaboodle
6. Our home--when it's messy, when it's clean, when it's loud, when we are sleeping
7. A hot shower or warm bath
8. Diet Dr. Pepper
9. God's grace
10. A new awareness of how freakin' good we have it
11. Sleep (any amount of it I can get)
12. Reading
13. Writing
14. 'Rithmetic . . . ok, I'm not really thankful for arithmetic, but it reminded me of a song growing up
15. My AMAZING FRIENDS . . . all specific answers to prayers and fun, fun gifts
16. Getting to watch my kids grow up into the humans God created them to be
17. America--c'mon y'all, no place is perfect, but we have it pretty dang good here
18. Our church
19. Traveling
20. Thyroid medicine
21. Diet Coke
22. The fact that Josh and I like the same shows and movie and aren't ashamed to plant ourselves on the couch and enjoy them
23. Exercise
24. The smell of coffee (even though I don't like the taste of it)
25. Jesus
26. Laughter
27. Memories
28. 33 years with Granny
29. Tater-tot (our somewhat neglected, but totally adored dog)
30. Purses and shoes
31. The beach
32. Feeling God's pleasure
33. Faith
34. Hope
35. Love

There are so many more, but for now, I think 35 is a pretty good number.

(Sidebar, I am not thankful that while I was typing this, Bo found my leftover birthday cake and raked his precious little hand through the icing. UGH.)

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  1. Great post--Happy Birthday! I'm not far behind you...I'll be 35 in just a few weeks. I'm hoping it's not too bad! :)