Monday, November 28, 2011


Have you ever had something stewing inside of you that you couldn't let go of. Even worse, something that you couldn't let go of but couldn't put your finger on either?

It's torture.

A little over a month ago this happened to me. I read an amazing book. I was doing a great Bible Study and all of the sudden, I couldn't sleep. Something was brewing and I didn't know what. I felt like I was supposed to do something and I couldn't figure out what it was. I would lay awake at night saying, "What, God? What is it?" And eventually, after a few restless nights and days, it was more like, "PLEASE TELL ME!! ANYTHING!! I WILL DO IT!! ANYTHING!!"

And then it happened. No voice from heaven. No divine email. (How cool would those be?) Just a thought that could not have been my own.

An idea.

Which became a dream.

That I decided to go for.

And do you know what followed? Peace. Calm. Quiet in my brain. Sleep.

I had my answer. And it was amazing. And it wasn't packing up to move to Africa with Katie Davis and help her with the orphans (yet, haha). It wasn't anything drastic or hard or terrible.

Actually, it was a wash of relief. A giddy answer--not just to the thing that kept me awake, but to other things that weighed on my mind and heart.

And I'm excited. I have a dream and I might get to realize it.

It could implode on me. It might not work out or last long. But I don't care. Because all that's being asked of me right now is to take one step.

So here it is . . . jump on over (if you are so inclined) Gifts From Granny

And ps, happy birthday, Granny. I miss you and I love you.

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