Wednesday, November 23, 2011

unsolved mysteries

just trying to solve a few mysteries around here, like . . .

* why do i always weigh about 5 pounds more at the doctor's office? i even take off my shoes. my scale at home is the same as the one at the gym, but every doctor's office has me weighing more. and that's the one that gets written down. so i feel like i "officially" weigh what it says. i kid you not, one day i may show up for a 7:30 appointment in spandex shorts and a sports bra to get a better weight written down on my chart.

* where do the socks go? i have moved the washer and the dryer and stuck the vacuum attachment down the dryer thing to suck out any that might have gotten sucked in. i cannot figure out how i wash can wash a pair of socks but only dry one.

* why do my kids sleep later than usual on days we have places to go but wake up early on the days when we could all actually sleep in?

* why won't sascha keep her shoes on? (insert arkansas joke here)

* (this one was posed to me yesterday at the salon and i probably won't do anything to actually solve it) what color is my hair really?

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