Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bangs vs. Botox

Not too long ago I looked in the mirror and realized that my face was getting . . . well, a little older looking. Which I guess is normal since I am not a Cullen (or in any other vampire family) and aging as all mortals do.

I'm not saying it's time for a face lift or anything, but let's just say I look concerned even when I am not.

So, I marched myself up to Sephora and did what I had managed to put off for a while--I looked into skin care lines that, gulp, dealt with wrinkles (not just large pores and zits, as previously needed).

And after a couple of weeks, I did see some improvement. But I was getting my hair did last week and after sitting in front of the big mirror for an extended period of time getting it colored loved on, I realized it was time to take another step in dealing with the lines. I figured I had 2 options to mask the years of life on my forehead:
     #1- Botox (which Josh balks at because it costs money and squirts poison into my body . . . poison, ha! like Diet Mountain Dew is organic, buddy!)
     #2- Bangs (which were convenient and rolled up into the cost of my appointment and poison free)

I know you are on pins and needles wondering what I choose, so without further delay . . . I went with option #2 (I guess I had a 3rd option . . . ignore them, but that is as unlikely as Josh bringing me a gift certificate home today for Botox). And I would love to show you my bangs (because they are some of my better sets (?) of bangs), but pictures and my blog are in another argument and not speaking.

So the moral of this post is: bangs are cheaper than Botox and hide wrinkles very well.

The end.


  1. You need to post a pic!! Also ever since I saw the most recent Twilight movie I am OBSESSED. Sean is so over it. I also realized as soon as the most recent movie started that I missed one. I had just had Speight and never saw it. #babybrain

  2. Hey girl! Found your blog! Loved your Christmas Card...come visit us on Love you guys!