Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I learned this holiday weekend

#1- Sascha says she is not interested in going swimming because she doesn't want to be a mermaid. That is pretty much a direct quote.

#2- Shade does not equal no sun . . . just ask my shoulders who thought they were protected by the overhang of trees at our cookout.

#3- Our neighborhood is hilly. I guess I have known that for a while, but Mandy and I went for a walk this weekend and oh. my. gosh. Our neighborhood is hilly.

#4- Bathing suit season is upon us--a moment of silence please as we mourn the ability to hide the majority of our body under clothes and face the need to shave daily.

#5- If you have a secret you want to keep to yourself, do not say it out loud in a public place. (I actually relearned this one just now while watching a little bit of Days of Our Lives as I type this. You would think Nicole would know this by now.)

#6- Perhaps next year, the organizers of Riverfest should use the theme "Cover Up" because this year's theme was "Let Yourself Go" and some of the people Josh and I saw there took that a little too literally.

#7- Sascha and late naps do NOT get along. She wakes up grumpy and difficult. Unfortunately, it took me 2 days to figure that out.

#8- Going to school after Memorial Day just feels wrong. This weekend was full of friends and fun and 90 degree weather. Getting up for school this morning was a bummer.

#9- If you make a large pan of cinnamon rolls in a house with a Josh and 6 kids, you better grab one quick or you will want to cry when you unselfishly let everyone else go first and find the pan EMPTY.

#10- When you confront said cinnamon roll eaters, they will ALL tell you that someone else got the last one. I kid you not. There was more finger pointin' than finger lickin'.


  1. Two words: bikini wax. I am a recent convert. We can talk offline. Trust.

  2. As a dedicated Days of Our Lives fan, I loved number 5 :) I can never believe they way secrets are spoken aloud then everyone wonders how they leaked. Cinnamon rolls go FAST in our house too...I hate when I don't get one!