Thursday, May 26, 2011

Live like sparrows

I have always loved the verse about how God cares for the sparrows and if He cares for them, how much more must He love and care for us . . . there's a great song that was inspired by the Matthew 10:29-31 passage. (I am ashamed to admit, I fell in love with the song when that girl sang it on Sister Act 2 . . . oh well. This is a transparent blog and a safe place.)

Anyway . . . last week I was struck my a misconception I have always had about that verse. It has always seemed like a very passive and protective verse. And I pictured these sweet little birds chirping in their nest while God lovingly looked down on them. Then last week I saw a hawk circling our neighborhood (or wildlife preserve as it has felt like lately). This big, majestic looking bird swooping and coasting with its large, gracious wings. The next thing I knew, a smaller bird (maybe not a sparrow, let's be honest it was FAR away and I am no ornithologist, but it was small and sparrow like) was attacking the hawk. It would dive and peck and fly up and dive and peck until, finally, the hawk flew off. I was amazed. This little bird felt her home or her life or her babies (most likely) were in danger and UNAWARE or UNPHASED by the size of her opponent, she literally swooped in to protect them . . . and won.

I had a whole new respect for the sparrow. No longer was it this helpless bird in a nest comfortable to just be known by God, instead, the sparrow was an active participant in its own life CONFIDENT because it was known by God.

There's such a difference. Comfortable and passive or confident and active? Life happens to us, y'all. And a lot of times, pardon my french, it SUCKS. And there are times when we are called to rest in God's love and just wait and then there are times when we have to take down the hawks in our lives.

I have a sweet friend who is in a sparrow vs hawk situation. And that girl is not sitting in her nest sighing and hoping God really cares. NO! Because she knows He cares, she is CONFIDENTLY attacking the hawks in her life and we are all watching them fly away.

I'm so proud of my little sparrow. And so inspired by her. And so confident in our God and in her. I want to live like a sparrow too.

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