Monday, May 2, 2011

So much to celebrate

Thanks for the sweet comments about Granny here and on facebook. She was one in a million and touched so many lives. The fact that so many people called her Granny and loved her like their own has always made me proud and so happy.

In light of the sadness we feel, there is SO much this weekend that we have had to celebrate and enjoy . . .

Friday, the Mother/Son Olympics was a success and Tru and I had a GREAT time . . .

Then, Josh and I dashed over to Verizon Arena for our Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day gift from my parents . . .

 . . . an evening with James. Sigh. James Taylor--he makes me so happy. I started listening to his James Taylor: Greatest Hits cd my junior year. It put me to sleep every night . . . his music calms me and soothes me when I am stressed and I LOVE his concerts. This was the greatest gift and could not have come at a better time.

As if sitting on the 17th row listening to him live wasn't enough . . . look what else I got to do

 . . . I got to be a big ole' nerdy fan and get his autograph. Such a great night!

Saturday, Caroline had a dance competition in Little Rock and RCDC rocked the weekend taking first in every category all 4 days except 1, where they took 2nd! So proud of our dance company and so excited for Caroline's group for taking 1st again! They added a solo for her and she absolutely owned it! LOVE seeing her excel and enjoy it!

Today, we celebrate Josh . . . it's his birthday and we have already had cinnamon rolls and sausage rolls and opened presents and taken him lunch! Tonight we will go out and celebrate him with my parents. He is like a kid at Christmas on his birthday--absolutely giddy and all smiles.

Happy birthday, Josh! You are adored by your family and we are so thankful for how hard you work for us!

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  1. Dear Rachel,
    Today I called your Mom, as I had shed some tears, and thought of so many funny, happy times with your Granny and with Thomas, and of the 6 of us: Thomas and Bernyce, Herman and Bobby, Lewis and me --I am the last one standing. I feel a great loss and also a prayer that there are 5 best friends who will be giving me a hand in my journey when that time comes.
    It makes me so happy to read your rememberance and love for Bernyce, who befriended me when I was a bride of 17, still a child, although I thought I had reached maturity and welcombed the friendship of Thomas, Bernyce, and "Aunt" Simmie, and felt that your Mom and Cindy were part ours, too. Our closeness never deminished in all the years, even tho we saw very little of each other as time passed into older age.
    I am so glad that I called Becky this morning and she told me of your blog and I got to read your wonderful thoughts of your Granny. It has been a great life in so many ways, and I miss by buddies and especially the one I lost in November. Someone helped him over, and who knows, it might have been his good good friend.
    Happy birthday to Josh, and thanks for letting me share.
    Love, Ann Carpenter