Tuesday, May 10, 2011


 . . . is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue . . .

Sorry . . . when I typed out the word honesty, Billy Joel started singing in my head.

I am ALL over the place today. Really. So get ready to enter crazy.

First of all, I am so excited that baby Brooke is going to be here TODAY!!!!!!!! Sweet Julie, who a lot of you know, is laboring as we speak and I am itching to get up there and love on her and, soon, Brooke. I love baby day. I am just giddy and over the moon about her!

It's weird how you can feel such drastic and polar opposite things at the exact same time. As silly happy as I am about Brooke, we also have 2 families of precious friends who will be moving soon and my heart is so sad. I want to cross my arms and stomp my feet and refuse their moves. (Like that would matter in the long run, can you imagine? Oh, Rachel is going to throw a fit, we better not go.) But my heart, aching as it may be, knows that they are both doing exactly what God has called them to. So, sweet friends, please know that I would like to slash all the tires on your moving vans but I won't because I am proud of you and excited for what God has in store for you all.

Personally, if I am being honest, as my title suggests, I have not been feeling well lately. My hormones are all over the place (sorry, Tracy and Josh) and my thyroid is off. When I say hormones, I don't mean I sit around crying and throwing things all the time (although there are days . . . ).  I mean, literally, my lab worked showed that my hormone levels are NOT ideal. I'm having physical symptoms (I'll spare you) and fatigue. So, I have started taking some medication to try and level them off, and y'all . . . have you ever listened to the disclaimers at the end of pharmaceutical commercials and thought, "The symptoms CAN'T be worse than the side effects!!" Umm, yeah, I am so there. The hormone creams make me feel like I am having morning sickness . . . ugh . . . so I have been taking the anti-nausea medicine I took when I was pregnant. Anyway, I can't remember where I was going with this . . . maybe it was just to complain.

OH! No, I remember now! So, I, of course, have been wondering if there is some bigger problem going on . . . and at times, to be honest, I worry that it is something really bad and the symptoms I am having are masking a bigger, scarier problem. I must have gone to bed thinking about that because a couple of nights ago I had a dream that I tried out for American Idol and made it to Hollywood (haha, not possible) and they did blood work when I got there (what?) and told me I had cancer. Interpret that, someone.

Anyway . . . there is no good way to wrap this all up . . . so . . . I am just going to post one of my favorite pictures of Sassy Sissy and then go munch on her sweet cheeks! Have a great day!


  1. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. :( Hope you get medications/etc. figured out soon. I know what you mean about imagining bigger problems-I do that ALL the time. One stomach ache and I can think of a list of very serious illnesses. Praying for your health!

  2. You crack me up! Two things: have you thought about emailing Bke and relaying all your symptoms to her? You know she is the diagnosing genius. :( I hope you get this worked out and that you can feel normal soon! Secondly, I know it is very hard, but I want to encourage you to fight fear. Don't let fear run the show, honey. Get your Sword (your bible) and fight! Isaiah 41:10 is a great place to start. You are loved!

  3. Okay, I meant a smiley where I put a frowny. Oops. :)

  4. Thank you for saying such nice things about me in your blog yesterday. I do love my daddy and I would do anything for him....but I love the Little Rock Basses the same way... and if you needed me I would do whatever!!! As for all your best buddies who think they are moving...just do what we did when our neighbors thought they were going to the beach without us...stick 10 nails under each and every tire on their vehicle...so that the pointed end is sticking into the tire and the flat end is on the ground....They will have 4 flat tires before they can get out of their subdivision(they might think it's a sign from God and they will stay!!!)
    Love you, Mimi