Thursday, June 2, 2011

Busy busy busy

This week felt like a ride at Disney World. Monday afternoon, as I thought ahead to all I needed to do and where I needed to be, I could hear the slow click, click, click of my week going up the track and then WHOOOOOOOO, up and down and around we have gone.

It has been a really fun week, just non-stop. 

If you are interested in it . . . keep reading. If you, like Josh, prefer the short version where as little facts and details as possible are shared, then you are caught up.

Tuesday . . . the great and amazing Abby came to babysit and, once again, preserved my sanity. I treated myself to a relaxing pedicure at a new salon my friend Robin told me about--loved the place . . . nicer interior, none of the people yelling across the chairs at each other and the price was lower than my usual. Total score. I justified it as summer craziness preparation. Some errands at Target with my sweet Abby H and, then (GULP), I bought Caroline's trunk for camp. 

*Tear* My baby is going to a sleep over camp. 

*Sniff* And she won't let me go with her. 

Ok. I'm fine. Probably. We'll see.

Anyway, that afternoon Tru, Bo, Sascha and I joined Robin (pedicure sharer) and Emily at the pool and swam for almost 2 hours. This is where Sascha debated becoming a mermaid. In the end, she could not deny the call of the ocean (what she calls the pool) and enjoyed swimming in and drinking the water (gag).

Wednesday . . . I went in for (perhaps) my last pre-summer spray tan. (All of the sudden my crazy week is sounding more like a spa week for me. Shhh. Don't tell.) Major came home with us and Bo proceeded to solidify why I don't let him have friends over (and remind me why I should more often). I rewarded his unwillingness to share with a trip to Chik Fil A thinking maybe it was just his toys he was hoarding. Turns out, nope, he felt like the Chik Fil A playground was his too. Sorry, Maj. I was thrilled to take him to Speech Therapy to see Mrs. Lauren! 

Caroline had an orthodontist appointment where we remembered that I need to schedule an appointment with the dentist to get more of her teeth pulled. Bless her. But in a nice twist, we found out that our dental insurance covered almost all of her treatment and we have a CREDIT at the orthodontist office. I felt like I was playing Monopoly and there was a bank error in my favor!!

(Are you still awake?! HANG IN THERE!!)

Thursday . . . talent show at 8:30, doctor's appointment for me at 10:30, and lunch at 12. Fast and furious and fun (well, most of it, I love my doctor, but does anyone really enjoy an appointment?).

I am trying to upload Caroline and Maggie's dance from the school talent show. The whole show was so cute. I especially loved when the kids in the audience would clap or sing along with the performers' songs.  They rocked it out and I am so excited for their recital this weekend! 

Tomorrow is crazy full as well with sweet and fun activities. I keep searching the weeks and days for some down time . . . I'll let you know if I ever find it.

Here is a smidge of the dance . . . can't get it all uploaded yet, but you get the idea (and yes, I cheer loudly at one point . . . sorry):

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